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    CCM U+ 12
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    Easton V9E/V5E
  • Gloves
    Eagle PPF
  • Helmet
    Bauer 5500, CCM U+08: Bauer HDO Visor
  • Pants
    Tackla 9000
  • Shoulder Pads
    when needed "ccm u+ 08"
  • Elbow Pads
    Easton S13
  • Shin Pads
    CCM U+07
  • Hockey Bag
    .... a bag I bought for a dollar from my high school

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    Menomonie WI
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  1. I had friends who used the RS II and they didnt have good luck with them usually their blades would crack
  2. I think if i try to get one from phil it may come with a free big mac and thanks guys helps out alot
  3. Looking for an Easton S19

  4. Hey guys for a few years now ive been looking for an Easton S19 stick (left). I broke my last one back in high school and havent been able to find one since.I currently use a Easton V9E which is supposed to be an equivalent and it just doesnt have the same feel. Anyone who might no where I can could find one or a few in the US let me know, this was the best stick i ever used
  5. I used to where one of these back in high school. We got them my senior year when they were brand new. Just a heads up the plastic on the out side cracks off pretty easily. we broke atleast ten of them to the point where they couldn't be used. So just a heads up the plastic on the outside can chip off if ya take a anything to the to the head.
  6. So iwas skating one day lost the bolt to an axle, ive been skate without a wheel on each skate since because i cant find the axles to fit anyone know where i can find them? labeda two piece axle
  7. im asking about the side to side feel of the boots not the heel to toe I feel im more toward the right edge of each skate
  8. Ok so heres the deal, I bought a pair of CCM U+ 12s about a year and when i got them I never had a chance to bake them because I ordered them by mail from hockeymonkey. When I got the skates I was on my home from school to play in the Return of the Robin tournament. I never thought It would be a big deal to just skate with them without baking them because I did it with one pair of my CCM U+ 08s and and many previous skates ordered online. I've noticed though that my feet feel offset in my skates like one foot it toward the inside of the skate and the other is toward the outside. I can still skate perfectly on them but, would baking them fix the position and feel of the boot so that it feel like im centered on the blade or atleast they feel even? P.S. I have checked the E-holder and it appears to be on strait and square. and just a side topic any one else with CCM U+ skates feel that the boots look really narrow when you lace your skates just curious.
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