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  1. i have a pro stock blade its bright blue I want to spray paint it but it has the sand paper finish so can I spray it or not thanks
  2. I need 2 blades planning on sending in a curve and they need to be standard thanks
  3. Yeah I was thinking maybe at the start of production the didnt use heat epoxy or whatever it's called but who knows I'm going to try every thing in my power to get it though
  4. So basically I've heard time and time again that you can heat up a dolo and pop out the blade so I decided to try it out with a pro stock broken dolo it didn't budge even after the rebar method and bathing in satans lake of fire so I hacked off a couple inches and that's that now I've come across another one and I don't know if I'm doing it wrong or because it pro stock but I just couldn't get that damn tenon out so in need your guys help its brand new some moron heated up the blade to put on a dr hook and snapped the poor guy in two so hear we are. Any help appreciated
  5. Do you still have the dolo shaft
  6. yes sorry the little whiteish crack on the stripe
  7. http://gyazo.com/a44bcdb22026a9dbdcc904ac15d2c2a0 http://gyazo.com/bbbb64adf1eb2971688cda943332ea99 http://gyazo.com/c31c43885fe602d504f23f326a88082d let me know if you would like different pics thanks in advance
  8. Ya sorry in a hurry, got a game tonight ,need to know if i should use it or not and no its a brand new pro stock nike bauer one95 shaft. ...better? Relativley new how do i post pics?
  9. hey i just bought a one 95 off from ebay and i put a warrior ak27 blade in it it has some sort of line all the way down the back of the shaft ending where the blade tenon inside the shaft ends idk if the blade is too big i hade to put tape on it to make t fit when i flrx it i hear a little crack noise please help me figure out whats wrong will plost pics if needed
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