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  1. Brian's coming out with another Subzero series. Here are the Subzero 3's that will be coming out in Nov 1, 2015.
  2. Those look like CCM/ Reebok XLT hybrids.
  3. Yeah I realized my question was kind've general and I've been playing goal for about 4 years now. I shoot with my glove on the shaft rather than holding it like a player would, I could never get any power that way. I was wondering how are each of the warrior curves differ from each other. I really don't know much about goalie sticks, I've only had 3 sticks within my time as a goalie. Thank you for your help. :)
  4. Do u know which curve is best for shooting on the LT because thats prob what im gonna get
  5. I know I have composite on my spreadsheet, its mostly just a comparison to the foam core and a possible option if there is one that doesn't vibrate bad. For the Warrior Swagger LT however, I've seen the pro and non pro versions, is there anything significantly different between the two or just minor things and what about the Warrior ST version? Do you know anything about those sticks? Thank You for helping me out. :)
  6. I have been looking at a ton of different foam core sticks from various brands like CCM, Bauer, Christian, etc... I've looked at this sticks from different websites like goalie monkey or total goalie and many of the reviews on the sticks are confusing. One stick may be awesome on one website but terrible on another. I have a 26in (28in according to Goalie Monkey true size) SL825 Sherwood stick which is an awful stick thats barely intact. I have a small list of sticks that are potential for me to buy. I primarily want a foam core stick but composite is also an option. I just need a little help on which stick would be the best buy for me. I am 5ft exact. My list of potential Sticks: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/13aKOp2pqMzvEibqQvrzZPYy3dSrFVtRO7Ij5JT15ahk/edit?usp=sharing Thank You for helping!
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