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  1. I was also looking at the 2017 CCM 4092. Any thoughts on this stick?
  2. I'm buying a new stick for a first time in years, Ive used an Easton shaft / blade combo forever and had quite a stock of blades but now its time to move on. I play defense in a beer league so I'm looking for something decent $100 or under. I think Ive settled on the Bauer Nexus, however I found a 2015 N7000 for $80 and the new 6000 is $60. Upon quick review there doesn't seem top be much difference. Would I be better of with the newer 6000? Any other suggestions as far as sticks go? Thanks.
  3. I'm having the exact same issue. What was your solve?
  4. I think its a combination of the volume and forward lean that causes lace bite when I use super feet.
  5. I've used super feet and they seem to do a great job fixing my pronation, but they take up too much volume in my skate and I don't care for the aggressive forward stance. Do the CCM's do anything in regards to pronation or are they more for comfort? The stock footbeds in my RBKs aren't uncomfortable, but my pronation limits my skating.
  6. I've been wearing orthotics in skates for years. I initially got them to ease the pain in my bauer skates, however my skating has gotten worse over the years and I felt off balance often. I just attributed it to getting older and not playing as often. When I got new RBK skates two years ago I just moved my orthotics into them without even thinking about it, however, I recently took them out to see how much they were actually helping. Without them in I have much better balance and control and I;m actually much more comfortable in my skates. With the othotic I alwas felt like I was standing on an orthotic in a boot - now my skates are very comfortable. The only problem is I do still pronate and in turn have lost some speed because I'm always on my inside edges a little. I was thinking about trying to get the blades moved in but after seeing the above post I'm not sure, I also don't know if there is anyone near me that is qualified to move the blades. Any suggestions? I'd hate to go back to orthotics. Would a much stiffer boot help? I have 2010 RBK 10s now and they're pretty stiff.
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