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  1. Not sure they would make it far in the market. I believe they do visors for just about any sport that use them, football being one of the largest. I've never seen anyone use a UA visor, at least nobody I play with. I can't seem to find any place that isn't sold out, so I'm assuming the stock is low and the visor isn't all that popular. It is interesting though. I've only used Bauer, so I can't say much about the others but I've heard good things, especially Oakley.
  2. Hopefully I can make it up to the Blues Prospect camp this week and see some of the gear they are using.
  3. Did you get it from Hockey Monkey? That's the only place that I see has the shaft. I plan on using a Sherwood T20 ABS blade. I thought of just using a sherwood shaft with it but all I found were stiff flex. The True A6.0 was one of the few standard shafts with a 75 flex.
  4. Does anyone have any recommendations on non-tapered hockey shafts? The Warrior Dynasty AX1 looks good but a little costly. Same goes for the Supreme 1S. Has anyone tried the True A6.0?
  5. You can find street hockey balls just about anywhere. Total hockey, play it again sports, sports authority, dicks sporting goods. They're all about the same.
  6. I was curious if anyone uses intermediate sticks. I've been using a senior 85 flex stick but found that it hasn't been efficient so I decided to make a switch. I went out and bought an Easton Stealth 65 flex. I felt an immediate difference and like it much better. Is it a good fit for my size? I'm 5' 8" and 150 lbs.
  7. Thanks, I picked the chassis up at a play it again sports for $35. It seemed like a great chassis for the price. Total hockey here in St. Louis is doing the conversion for me so hopefully it turns out well. What bearing should I put on it? I picked up some ABEC 9 bearings but wasn't sure if I should use them or not. I've heard mixed reviews.
  8. I just recently decided to get into roller. I'm converting my nexus boot and I had a question regarding the wheels since I'm a noobie when it comes to inline. The chassis I'm putting is a labeda sensors that had a 76-72-80-80 setup. Should I just keep this way when I convert or so change it?
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