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  1. Thanks all, learn something new everyday
  2. Thanks all. So looking online i see some intermittent sticks in the 60-65 flex range which seems perfect for him, these sticks are generally the 60 flex = 55" to the 65 flex = 58.5" long based on the specs listed. Since the way you measure a hockey stick in hand is different then how a stick is actually measured by the manufacturer is where i am have trouble. If I cut the stick them the stick become stiffer and that perfect flex is now gone. True I can measure the his chin/node to floor but that doesn't correspond to the length listed by the manufacturer. I'm I missing something, or trying to put too fine a point on it? I tend to think that a 58" might only be just ever so slightly too long and 55" too short. If I were able to have sticks in hand and stand them in front of him it really wouldn't be an issue.
  3. Thanks. A little confusing when factoring length vs. flex.
  4. My son is in need of a new stick but we have a few problems. First, Our local rink closed for almost a year which prevented him from skating, it's just reopened. Second, a few months ago his stick was broken when a car backed over it. The stick was thrown away before we checked it's size. Third, there are zero places to buy hockey equipment in out area so we are relegated to buying online. My question, my son is 5'9", 125 lb., skates well in local pickup games. Could someone give me an idea of a stick length that might be a good fit? Thanks
  5. After trying on all 5 skates the winner was the Easton RS, followed closely by the Easton 85S, Bauer 160, Graf with the Bauer 170 bringing up the rear.
  6. Fair enough on the fit thing. In past experience before we moved and had a excellent local shop, we found the the fit could change slightly within the same line. Aside from that I looked skate that had the largest discounts, anyway with 5 skates I'm guessing there will be at least one keeper. We are aware of the sizing issue street shoe vs. skate. Thanks
  7. I'm a new member here, much like you we live 4 hrs away from the nearest hockey supply. Here's what I did: 1. Determine you budget 2. Go to Total Hockey, Hockey Monkey, etc. and look for skates in the size you want. (I like Total since you can return skates for a full refund, some others only a credit for discounted skates. Plus Total you can return by mail or to a store) 3. Order multiple pairs, in my case I ordered 5. All were discounted BTW. 4. Once they come, have her try them all one, pick the one that fits best. 5. Return the others. It's not perfect but it works pretty well. In my case we'll return the skates to the store next time we make the drive to the city which will be in a few weeks. At that point well have the keeper skates cooked.
  8. It's easy to say that, but for some families not possible. That's the case with ours and millions of others. Of course it's best to buy the prefect fit. Just be careful about spending other peoples money. To date my son has done just fine with skate 1/2 size big, at 13 he's about to hit a big growth spurt. I'll be lucky to get a full year out of them.
  9. Hello all a new member, found the site and joined. My 13 old son plays, all of us huge Caps fans. For my first question. My son need new skates, ability lever about a 6 based on scale 1 to 10. 1 being can't stand up, 10 being this kid stakes like the NHL. We live in an area where skates and shops are at least 4 hour drive away. His ski racing season is over. His spring season has started and is on rental skates at the moment, we failed to check is old skates over the winter. He got measured at our local rink for a size 5.5, we're going with a size 6 for growth. All that said I ordered 5 pairs of skates from Total Hockey, we'll keep one pair and return the rest. The pair we keep will be sharpened local and cooked when we go see the Caps take on the Avs in Denver in a few weeks. All the skates were on sale or closeout, take a look: 1. Graf Ultra G65 - Listed $550 - paid $179 2. Bauer Supreme 160 - Listed $200 - paid $150 3. Bauer Supreme 170 - Listed $300 - paid $230 4. Easton Stealth RS - Listed $600 - paid $180 5. Easton Stealth 85S - Listed $400 - paid $200 First, for me he most important issue is fit. But assuming all fit well I would like thoughts on the different skates As far as the listed prices go I'm not sure how much that really means, again any thoughts you might have would be a huge help.
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