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  1. Hey guys, Since ice time is nearly impossible to get to if you have a real job, I am looking for an adult/senior inline league around the Allentown-Wilkes Barre area in PA. I am just getting back into it after 10+ years and wanted to find out some info. +40 Intermediate player. Thanx.
  2. No problem at all. After doing some more research last evening, I really think that Labeda has their act together. That is my next stop for wheels. Thanx guys.
  3. Thanx for the replies guys. That is interesting about the HiLo wheels being made in China. The wheels say they are made in the USA. Is this a blatant act of false advertising? I actually read an article about good outdoor wheels and this was one of the recommendations. I'll check out the Labedas and the Hypers. I think 86 has something with the swiss bearings. I'm losing my bearings!!!!
  4. Hey guys, New to the site and getting back into hockey after a 10 year layoff. Played ice in my teens and twenties and then just fooled around for quite a few years after I got married and had kids. Now my 9 year old loves playing hockey and I'm trying to blow the dust off. Now to my issue. Started getting into inline hockey. I had a pair of Missions 10 years ago that pretty much fell apart on me and I purchased a pair of Alkali Comps at Christmas time. They come stock with a Labeda RPG 74A wheel setup. I use them for both indoor and outdoor including my asphalt driveway. I started to wear them a bit and thought I should get some appropriate outdoor wheels. I went with the orange HiLo Clinger 82A and matched them up with some swiss bearings. I tried them out the other day on my driveway and hated them. They feel like I'm skating on billiard balls. I can skate great with the stock RPGs but I am having issues with the HiLos. I go 210# and 6'-0" tall. I know that I am way too heavy for the 74As but they feel good and totally different to the 82As. Now, I did have a set of Red Star Tritons 82As on my Missions and I never felt like this. Am I going crazy or is there something to this? Need some advice. Thanx.
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