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  1. I just had my 1st skate in a pickup game last night with the Carbon Pro Hockey insoles. I had been using the Yellows for the past few months and really liked them. In comparing to the new Carbon Pros, the first thing I noticed is that they were more comfortable than the Yellows. Not sure if this is due to the slightly less volume and/or better cushioning? Maybe Sean can comment on the reason for this. Second thing I noticed was a very noticeable improvement in skating possibly due to better edge control. As for speed and/or acceleration versus the Yellows, it was at least as good if not better. Just for reference, I am around 170 pounds with flat feet and use Bauer Vapor 160 skates. In summary, I felt a significant improvement in skating and comfort switching from Yellows to Carbon Pros. Your mileage may vary but I absolutely love them!
  2. Awesome Sean, that is exactly what I was hoping for! Going to have to order them now. Thanks!
  3. Just by visually comparing the Yellow versus the Carbon Pro Hockey product images, it would appear to me that the Carbon Pro Hockey may be lower profile and possibly take up less volume than the yellows. The other thing you notice when comparing product images is that the yellow has a more pronounced arch support, as you can see by the plastic. The carbon pro hockey does not have that same arch support. This is just from eyeballing it. The potential lower volume is attractive to me as I would not mind more room versus what I have with the yellows. Sean, can you confirm any of this?
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