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  1. @Vet88 please provide contact info also so we can support the facility in the right way. send to shayne@prosharp.com
  2. @dkmiller3356 transition to multiple radii is very smooth...you just feel better on the ice!
  3. @mojo122 the channel size vary, small .75mm, medium 1.0mm, large 1.25mm Reduce hollow 20% for small channel ,25% for medium channel ,30% for large channel. For instance using 5/8ths as a current ROH Small Channel Z, Now sharpen 3/4 add small channel ,this will give the same feeling as 5/8ths Medium Channel Z , Now sharpen at 7/8ths add Medium channel ,this will give the same feeling as 5/8ths Large Channel Z , Now sharpen at 1" add large channel, this will give the same feeling as 5/8ths
  4. @puckpilot nice to here and great feedback, Everything you have felt is what most people experience...now time for quad zero, it will feel better. Skating on blades out of the box is just very uncomfortable and insecure feeling.
  5. Lots of questions, Sorry trade show season. We typically do testing with hundreds of players. We have a testing Bag. Test blades and skates we use all edge LS3 5/8ths ROH after profile Profiles to Try Quad 1 4th place Quad 2 Second place Quad Zero - Most popular Zuperior S or M depending on size of runner 3rd place 9' or we think it is, right out of package this is the last test. Never once has a player picked this. Transition and getting used to is immediate....you just feel more confident and secure on the ice, with upgraded benefits. of Agility, Mobility, Speed and stability. People ask about nailing it the first time...for $30-40 it is a very cheap solution to becoming a better skater and the most important skill, besides hockey sense. Parents spend 200-300 on a hockey stick to find the right curve and flex, spend $30-40.and your player will be better off. even if they need to try 2 -3 different profiles.
  6. this might help https://issuu.com/elinmalmsten/docs/script-tryckfilus_64e6b4f0ed3b15
  7. If it is not a square edge because the channel is getting very close to being taken out, then you will feel a difference.
  8. @Leif never heard of this before...please take a picture or video of how you are testing if it is out,and send to me shayne@prosharp.com
  9. @stick9 The templates for the profiles are designed to fit certain size of holders , so the correct schematics of the profile are profiled onto the blade. The Zuperior Small profile will give you 3 radii 6'-12'-20' With this profile you will have similar power push as LS4 and Step but with a built in pitch,greater acceleration and quicker tight turns maybe to quick if you are not a proficient skater.If you want a upgrade to your stock LS4 or Step i would recommend Quad Zero Profile.
  10. @Nicholas G you can reduce your current ROH by small channel Z 20%, medium channel Z 25%, and large channel Z 30% So if you are on current 1/2ROH Sharpen on 5/8ths ROH add a small channel, you will have same feeling as 1/2 but more glide speed and less fatigue .
  11. I am here to answer any questions you may have regarding ProSharp and performance of ProSharp profiles and machine operation. Kind Regards, SHAYNE TOPOROWSKI Chief Sales Officer Prosharp INC Head Coach Mens Ice Hockey, Worcester State University Director of Player Development/Head Coach, Competitive Goals HP1 High Performance Certification, Hockey Canada
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