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  1. This skate is truly in my opinion one of the biggest pieces of trash that have ever been made. The reason I say this is because in 2013 when these skates first came out for about $700 with tax where I live I was extremely excited to get my feet in a pair. When I first got the skates I had them baked at my local Total Hockey to help with the break in period, since Narch Finals was coming up. When I first skated in them it was only one game and these things were the most uncomfortable pieces of garbage to be made by a company with such a great reputation. At first I thought that it was just new skate pain, so I just dealt with it. After about 15-20 games in these each game being about 45 minutes these skates were still tremendous pieces of garbage. Making me very angry that Tour pretty much just stole my money. That is why I am strictly back into my pair of Mission NlS1 skates, which are comfortable right out of the box. Since Mission always delivers on their skates unlike Tour.I would NEVER recommend these skates to anyone. The boot quality was terrible. They made my feet bleed on multiple occasions. Overall I think that these are on the same level as a pair of Sports Authority skates.
  2. I picked them up and so far am loving them coming from the mission ac2, which were amazing skates Only played one game though so far, only tie will tell. These a a much stiffer boot compared to the fishbone lite pros I have.
  3. Has anyone tried the TOUR FB-9 Pro skate? Do you like them? PLEASE HELP???
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