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  1. Vacations endured and we're back on it. Plenty of time spent evaluating the 3D printout. FREAKY. Yep that's the word. Reptilile/Mongoose/Cat/Dog/Something Live Under Your Foot That Will Take Care Of You. We hope to have our changes done by the end of next week, and the new printout the following week. Then it's the aluminum prototypes. Three boot companies are waiting for them. The newest, best designed and named conventional frames will not be competitive. FREAKY is in, adequate is on the way out. Pictures as we have them.
  2. Here's the printed prototype. It looks like grosgrain silk. All of the action lines up and works perfectly. There is much more suspension travel than the Sprungs with a lot more snap. The boot kiss is excellent as is the fit. We already started on our changes and when we're done we'll make one more printed prototype to double check everything, then the aluminum prototypes. They are going to WORK.
  3. Every color we've tried looks fantastic. Other than sticking a Fizix logo on, however, we're leaving the flash for later. For the working prototypes, anodizing is more expensive and not a function. Unlike Sprungs, you will be able to paint these any color you want. With sheet metal like this, custom paint jobs will be radical. We're putting the printed prototype together right now. Things fit together like they're supposed to. Toasted alien foot, but beautiful. Photos Friday or Saturday.
  4. Thanks. The 3D printed prototypes are just to make sure everything fits and moves like it's supposed to. The working prototypes are CNCd from extruded blocks. As for the pitch, they have the most pitch in the biz. More than early hi-los, more than sprungs. And the new 76mm small will be dead on for your 6.5s. The wheelbase is 9.125". Front to back wheel edge is 12.125".
  5. Rivets dont hold well with slots in the mount plates, and the slots weaken the plates. Retailers may provide mount kits, but we won't. OEM and licensing are our primary aims, not conversion sales. The first two drive the third.
  6. They will be available online. Don't know who yet. We are planning on good European distribution and representation. All parts will be available and they will come with a warranty. If the mount holes match anything, it's accidental. Most current frames have narrow minimal mount plates that don't support much of the sole. We used vintage frames with left and right mount plates for refrences.
  7. X SMALL 72mm 3-5 SMALL 76mm 5.5-7.5 MEDIUM 80mm 8-10 LARGE 80mm 10.5-13 The Medium wheelbase is a little shorter than the Sprung small. All sizes will fit better. Your 8s are Mediums like the pics. They will be sold by retailers. We will not be competing with our clients. Any other questions welcome.
  8. This is the design for the working prototypes, which is the base design without the perforations. The holes add too much milling time and jump the cost way up. We're pretty sure we can make a production version with the same 215g weight as the perf version. We'll have the first 3D printer prototype Monday. These are only about twenty percent more to make than the Sprungs so the price will be $200. Fizix will not do retail. Design, production, wholesale, licensing, and OEM. One boot company request to test, already. Fizix Machine Dogs will be the single most recognizable product in hockey. Part of its advanced functionality.
  9. So, besides being aluminum instead of plastic, there's a long list of improvements. The spaces between the first and second wheels and between the third and fourth wheels has been reduced till they almost touch. This provides better sizing. We did this by making the action taller, which also makes it stiffer with quicker suspension response. And we dropped the body down onto the suspension so they are lower, also. The arms are now wider at the pivot than at the wheel axle. This reduces arm deflection and torque. It also provides more space for stronger knuckles. And wider springs, so that forces are spread out better. They will be faster and stiffer with quicker response. They will be more stable and much more durable. They'll weigh 215g VS 274g for the small. Our objective is to make a frame that will blow the mind of any pro player. And everyone else, too, of course. Working prototypes soon.
  10. Hi, everybody. Things are great and I'm happy to be back on Modsquad. I have a new frame company called Fizix, and we have designed and engineered a completely new aluminum frame that will be Everything that Sprungs were plus Everything that was missing. Website coming soon. Pics as soon as I can get them up. WooHoo!
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