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  1. i mean you are definitely right in a sense that i wont find some hidden gem but i dont think ill cry over a stick that cant be that bad especially when considering the "other guys" dont have the millions to spend on R&D or marketing or the reach or the reputation. im just sayin as someone who is fascinated by technological advances and also hockey im curious as to what people who just love the game can produce with out all those things i mentioned and/or whatever else i didnt. again not trying to find anything better than what bauer is producing by playing around with some small company stick. also i have played with absolute garbage sticks so if anyone suggested anything it cant be as bad as some of the old crap i played with.
  2. i just put this together. you play 10-13 hours a on a blade and change it? few hours a week of outdoor play and you said you replace almost monthly? What do you do to your blades man?
  3. I have done it in the past but i dont know how common it is to just chop the blade off a stick. not that i have a stick i would want to chop right now, but if thats a relatively normal thing to do i will end up just buying a stick then chop it and replace the blade once it wears. I dont get that much play time to be honest so my blades dont actually wear out super quickly.
  4. i used to have an older synergy shaft with a reebok blade and i loved it but i havent had a two piece in a long time and i just think changing the blade is such a chore. I have been considering it though. Have you tried any of the newer sticks? IW has a few sticks that look really promising.
  5. thanks guys. i pretty much only buy last season gear but i really just want to try out the other guys strictly for curiosity sake.
  6. So its really nice to see roller hockey getting a little bit nicer quality sticks with abs blades. In the past ive tried a few different composite/abs sticks with my favorite being sherwoods t25 (i think... either t25 or 35). Has anyone had a chance to try out some of the newer options?
  7. Would anyone recommend some lesser known stick manufacturers? I have been curious to see what other companies are able to produce with modern capabilities. thanks
  8. Does the company plan on expanding options and making a model built for league play? I'd love to give these a try if they were made using metals.
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