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  1. I'm moving from a 5.5 to 6.0 in skates, as measured in a store. My years old Mission skates, over the last 6 months or so, have been giving me some fits, especially in the ankle ball bone area, but mostly only if I'm skating for a while. They're generally OK, but the boots are crumbling, and it's well past time for a new pair. So I'm in the market for new skates, but I've had a lot of trouble finding anything that fits even half decently. I don't have ice skates either, so I'm a bit in the dark trying to find my way here. Virtually every skate that is a D width I've tried on (Tour, Bauer Vapor, CCM Tacks) is a complete no-go. They all seem to crush my foot in the inside mid foot area, shaded towards the heel, where your foot should narrow but mine is a bit straight. Mission Inhalers E width are fine there, though they are bothering my ankle bone area again when I lace them up. Worse comes to worst, I think that's maybe fixable in the heat mold (?). They're roomy otherwise in my foot. But they feel a bit clunky on me, and I was really going back and forth. So I got 2 pairs of Alkali skates online because I have no other options: the RPD Team+ in D width and the RPE Rival+. I know they're very heat moldable and have a unique fit, so I wasn't sure if the D would fit. To my surprise, I think the RPD Team+ fit better. Because I cannot win, it seems these skates (both pairs, but the Team+ isn't as tight) give me tightness in a hot spot on my foot the other skates haven't: the outside mid foot area, close to the same spot as I described above, just on the outside part of my foot. Not quite as bad though. I couldn't even walk in those or put pressure on my inside foot, let alone skate. I am curious if anyone could tell me if this sounds like something that could be fixed in the heat mold, because I think these Alkali skates feel sleeker and fit better otherwise than the other brands. They also fit a bit differently in length (read: smaller) in that my bigger foot has my big toe up against the cap when I stand erect. But when I crouch in skating pose, I don't feel my toes feathering. It's a tighter fit than I'm used to, but I read that this is a thing with Alkali skates due to their unique foot fit. So I don't think this is something I need to worry about? If it's not, I'm wondering if the other issue is fixable with a heat mold........or maybe I should just go with the Missions. At a loss here.
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