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  1. I'm moving from a 5.5 to 6.0 in skates, as measured in a store. My years old Mission skates, over the last 6 months or so, have been giving me some fits, especially in the ankle ball bone area, but mostly only if I'm skating for a while. They're generally OK, but the boots are crumbling, and it's well past time for a new pair. So I'm in the market for new skates, but I've had a lot of trouble finding anything that fits even half decently. I don't have ice skates either, so I'm a bit in the dark trying to find my way here. Virtually every skate that is a D width I've tried on (Tour, Bauer Vapor, CCM Tacks) is a complete no-go. They all seem to crush my foot in the inside mid foot area, shaded towards the heel, where your foot should narrow but mine is a bit straight. Mission Inhalers E width are fine there, though they are bothering my ankle bone area again when I lace them up. Worse comes to worst, I think that's maybe fixable in the heat mold (?). They're roomy otherwise in my foot. But they feel a bit clunky on me, and I was really going back and forth. So I got 2 pairs of Alkali skates online because I have no other options: the RPD Team+ in D width and the RPE Rival+. I know they're very heat moldable and have a unique fit, so I wasn't sure if the D would fit. To my surprise, I think the RPD Team+ fit better. Because I cannot win, it seems these skates (both pairs, but the Team+ isn't as tight) give me tightness in a hot spot on my foot the other skates haven't: the outside mid foot area, close to the same spot as I described above, just on the outside part of my foot. Not quite as bad though. I couldn't even walk in those or put pressure on my inside foot, let alone skate. I am curious if anyone could tell me if this sounds like something that could be fixed in the heat mold, because I think these Alkali skates feel sleeker and fit better otherwise than the other brands. They also fit a bit differently in length (read: smaller) in that my bigger foot has my big toe up against the cap when I stand erect. But when I crouch in skating pose, I don't feel my toes feathering. It's a tighter fit than I'm used to, but I read that this is a thing with Alkali skates due to their unique foot fit. So I don't think this is something I need to worry about? If it's not, I'm wondering if the other issue is fixable with a heat mold........or maybe I should just go with the Missions. At a loss here.
  2. Yes, I bought them new. I'm thinking I want to just avoid 4-roll style gloves. Not to say another brand, another glove might not help, but I would rather try my luck with a tapered or anatomical fit. Tighter fit would probably give me the best chance of my fingers not sliding. What about Supreme or Synergy gloves? Perhaps an all around tight fit would be an even better option. Vapors and similar fit gloves are tight in be fingers too so idk....
  3. I bought a nice pair of Easton Pro gloves (13") several months ago and have been having issuing with them: chiefly blistering and skin abrasions. I know this is not normal. They aren't expensive expensive, but they're modestly pricey and the padding is solid. It's not some paper thin material. And I don't have difficulty shooting/stickhandling wearing them. They're very comfy...except when my skin is being ripped off or blisters forming. They pop up all over yet: outside/bottom of thumb abrasion, inside thumb blisters, inside finger abrasion, inside finger blister, bottom finger/top palm. Both hands yet, though differing spots. I have to tape my fingers and am constantly nursing them. Sometimes it's a bother, other times it makes it so I can't play. I'm trying to get to the bottom of this b/c it's driving me nuts. My hands might be slightly on the smaller end of the 13" spectrum, so I'm wondering if this 4-roll style glove simply has too much room for me. I am a 13" glove, but perhaps this style in this brand leaves too much space to cause friction. Do you think I should investigate a tapered or anatomical fit (like Vapor or Supreme style)? Which, if so? I know it's a preference thing, but I'm asking if it would help not rip my hands apart. That's all I care about. Should I try something other than Easton too if I go this route...say Bauer Vapor vs. Easton Stealth? Idk if anyone has had trouble with Easton. If I'm going to spend some more $$ on gloves, I want to know that this is the issue and that there's a remedy.
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