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  1. Thank you once again! I'm so glad someone is taking the time to answer all my questions. In the spirit of research I have one more question: I've heard conflicting information about whether or not to stand up during the baking process. I read somewhere on here that there was a specific skate where you *had* to stand, but that it was not to be done with the usual Bauer/CCM/Graf skates. Has that rule changed over the years or is that still the same? I've also read about something called 'pressure fitting' where the skate is molded to your foot more tightly through air pressure or something (I can't quite picture the logistics in my head) which sounds like a cool thing if it worked. Would you recommend that if I can find some place that does it? Thank you again!
  2. I think you're right about the aesthetics which is especially dangerous with kids. The red Vapors look a lot cooler than the blue Nexus and I'm sure fifteen year old me would have jammed my feet into them at the cost of blood and blisters. I think I'll try on more skates and then make a more informed decision on what I need. Thank you for your help, everyone! You've all been a huge help!
  3. Haha, I was just trying to determine if my feet are really that weird/unusually shaped. They never seemed that odd to me, but the whole skate thing has left me wondering if maybe they just weren't meant for a retail boot. And yeah, I was wondering about the skate performance because you hear all kinds of things about the Vapors being better somehow. I was always under the impression that the fit/personal skating ability were the most important things to get a good performance out of the skate, but maybe I'm wrong. Thank you for answering my questions!
  4. It's interesting to hear that. I've been having trouble with my forward stride with these and I've felt somehow wobbly and unbalanced. Perhaps it's not (just) my lousy forward skating, but also the fact that my foot isn't sitting over the blade correctly. Since you've had both Vapors and Supremes, I have a few questions if you don't mind: How would you describe the shape of your feet? Would you say they were any different from each other in terms of performance other than the fit? Thank you!
  5. I assure you, I did measure an 8 when they measured it manually. That's what the guy told me anyway. He said that my feet would be too wide for an 8, though. That's why he recommended the 10. The Bauer scan measured an 8.5 in the right foot and a 9 in the left foot and recommended the 9 overall. Since the LHS guy only measured my right foot, maybe that's why he ended up with the 8? I'm not sure, to be honest. I have, however, read on here that the way you'e standing during the scan can affect how big it measures you. I was standing up straight which apparently makes it bigger. But I don't know for sure. There is no other place where I'm from, but I'll be in Canada later this year, namely in the Oakville/Mississauga area. If anyone has any recommendations for that area, I'd be happy. Thank you for the pointers! I'll do these tests the next time I try on skates and hopefully end up with something better. Just out of interest, what could be done against lacebite?
  6. The scan said Supreme for all categories (instep height, forefoot height, ankle wrap, etc.), but I'm guessing that once you tick too many Supreme boxes, it just says it's the perfect fit in all those categories. I mean, I did wear them a size too big, but they really felt extremely flabby all around to the point where I just can't imagine that going down a size would give me the tightness around the ankle I would like. How should the top ideally feel? Should I feel the top at all or should it be weight/pressureless?
  7. Thank you for your help! I got mixed up with the scan. It said 9EE in Supremes while the LHS recommended 10EE. Since those didn't fit, I went with the slightly tighter CCM skates in 10EE. Keep in mind that I didn't do the scan until after I'd already bought the skates. They were my first pair and I didn't know what to look for so I figured the LHS would know best. And of course I realize the scan isn't set in stone, but it might be a good starting point from which to go down in size. How tight should the top of the skates (where the laces are) feel when I tie them? Thank you again for your help!
  8. Thank you so much for your detailed answer and recommendations! I wanted to try the pencil test the way you recommended it, but then got curious and tried it with the skates tied. I can definitely fit a normal pencil in there when tied. Untied, I could fit even more in there. Like several pencils. I'm not sure what to compare it to, but there's definitely a lot of space. Also, I looked at my 3D results again and it turned out I got them mixed up with the fitting. I'm sorry about the confusion. The Bauer machine recommended Supremes in 9EE. Since I think I'd prefer the narrower ankles of the Vapors, I think, what would a 9EE in Supremes be in Vapors? I know the machine is imperfect, but I would like at least a starting point. Thank you again!
  9. Hi there! I'm a long time lurker who finally has a personal question. I get the feeling that my skates aren't right for me at all and that something went wrong when the guy in the store did the fitting. They'e my first pair that is actually new and has never been worn by anyone else and I trusted the LHS to get it right because they have a good reputation. The Bauer scale thing said I was an 8, but he said my feet were too wide for that, so he brought me Supremes in a 10EE, which were way too wide. I felt wobbly on them and they just felt like cardboard boxes strapped to my feet. Next were CCM Tacks 4092 which were better. I figured he'd let me know if they were horrible (naive, I know), but he was pleased and baked them for me. He had me stand up with my knees bent for ten minutes which, as I've learned here, probably didn't help. At any rate, I can't really feel either the toe or the heel of my skate and I need to tie them so tightly my feet hurt if I don't want to slide around in them. I was wondering which skates would be a better fit for me. I've since done the Bauer 3D scan which interestingly also suggested Supremes 10EE. But those definitely did not work. I like/need space for my toes especially the balls of my feet, but I can't bear any looseness around my ankles. That sounds like a Vapor, but from what I hear they'e for people with narrow feet so I'm kind of at a loss here. Is there maybe a way for my current skates to be salvaged? Any input would be appreciated!
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