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  1. ankles, thanks for replying: see that does not make sense. tacks are widest: http://www.icewarehouse.com/CCM_Ice_Hockey_Skates_Senior/catpage-SKMICCM.html if you look at the top of that page, it shows that the widest foot goes into the Ribcore. Maybe i should be asking, if i'm fitting well into the Supreme line, which line is equivalent for the CCMs's?
  2. thanks for the reply. what does tapered mean? i think vapor line is thin in the heel. if i have 9.5 bauer supreme, i should get 10.0 Ribcore's right? But also 9.5 New Tacks? is that what you are saying? that Ribcore and Jetspeeds would be 10, correct? Is that Blades of steel logo? Dude, what a great game!!!
  3. ICE SKATE EXPERTS NEEDED!! THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!!! Facts: · I’m looking for a good CCM skate to fit me · I wear a 11.5 Wide sneaker · I have a pretty high arch · I currently wear a 9.5 Bauer Supreme Wide (EE), 190’s fit well. · I want to try CCM skates, which skate should I try?? · Ribcore / Tacks / Jetspeed?? My feeling is that I’ll need a wide CCM, but I’m not sure which one will fit the best. I think Jetspeed is out of the question (narrow like Vapor line on Bauer?), but I’ve been reading and I’ve seen different results. One page shows that Ribcore have a wider toebox, so they seem the right ones, but then I read that TACKS are right in the middle? Comfort is most important to me. I DO NOT want to be in any pain! PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME CHOOSE! Also, which exact model would be helpful. I would LOVE to find that PERFECT FIT out there. I know SOMEONE out there can help me…who will it be. First beer is on me. Thanks! Martin Marek
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