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  1. Update - I skated last night with the new Vapors to try them out. They felt solid trying them on but it became obvious pretty quickly that I'm not getting a proper heel lock. After the first period I actually went to the locker room and switched back into my original Bauer Supreme Skates.... @innotastic @Vet88 I decided to try skipping the top lace and WOW why the hell didn't I try this sooner. It made a very noticeable difference, even with NO Forsberg pads (I did have my bunga pads on). I always assumed skipping the top lace was going to put MORE pressure on the lace bite spot - quite the opposite. I play again tonight, so I'll try my 6.5 Supremes with the top lace undone again. Of course my lace extenders come tomorrow, so I won't get to try them until next week. Side note - the first game back after the Flu last week SUCKED! I'm definitely still recuperating, hopefully better tonight.
  2. I guess it takes the guys at GreatSaves a while to ship - they just got my package out today so I won't have them for this weeks games. I'm going to try the new skates and skip the top lace as recommended and then I can try the extenders next week. The Fall/Spring season only has like 4-5 weeks left and then I'll get a 2-3 week break before summer starts. I might take the first 2 weeks off to give myself a whole month, I'd hate to do it as my lungs/legs will pay but maybe getting the swelling down and the extenders fixes my issue - worth it
  3. Thanks guys! Appreciate the feedback - I'm eagerly awaiting my lace extenders. I have hockey Tuesday and Wednesday this week, so I really hope they are in my mailbox today when I get home! I'll report back how things feel to start. Do people still use the Forsberg pads with the lace extenders? Or not necessary?
  4. guy at my local shop said he uses them exclusively. I see you're a Bruins fan, did you get them done at Cookes in Wilmington MA?
  5. who knows I was a kid lol. I never even heard of lace bite until I got it as an adult but I’d kill for that tongue now
  6. Right on the pencil test - I just figured since my area of issue was higher it made sense to see if that area also stayed within the boot? Yes heel locked back in both. lacing-wise I just always skipped that growing up and never changed, but now thinking about it actually I just put new laces in my supremes a few weeks ago and hadn’t been skipping any at all - just traditional all the way up So you’re saying skip the top lace? That wouldn’t put more strain on number 2 where my problem is? What do you think about the extenders, I have a set on the way already?
  7. Way back in the day I had a pair of skates, I think racks but maybe Bauer supremes, and they had a real thick felt tongue with exactly what You’re describing - long channel down the center
  8. You’re totally right it’s closer to the 2nd! I checked the two boots and you can see below. Bottom pair with the gel stickies are my old ones, pen completely crushing the bite spot. The red pair are the the larger vapor 1X - a small gap between pen and lump. And this is as big as the lump gets, so I assume if the swelling goes down I get even a little more room. I’ll try the vapors twice next week with the extenders and report back
  9. I’d say eyelet 3. I’ll paste a pic in a boot later when I got these I had brand new skates. Bought another brand new pair of supremes as the guy told me it would alleviate my problem and it didn’t really help at all. Even the skates I’m in now are only like 3 years old I think. Even the guy at the shop said they weren’t that bad but it might help replacing them I lace them all the way up but skip 3rd eyelet
  10. Just to compare - like I said I haven’t played in a week as I’m getting over the flu - hard to tell I guess but the size has definitely decreased in a week. Sometimes it nearly goes completely away and then it comes back eventually
  11. Thanks for the help @Vet88 Here's a pic of the lacebite on my left ankle, its worse on that side for whatever reason. Please forgive the mess as I just finished eating - oh and the sleeping dog! and here's my left ankle (again the worse of the two) passing the pencil test on the 7.5 Vapor's even with a reall inflamed lacebite bump. Pressure is right around 3rd and maybe 4th eyelet
  12. you mean these? They don't seem to push the laces too far forward?
  13. I'm literally going to buy them right now. my bit area is lower around that 3/4/5 eyelet. anyone willing to post a pic for me if I send it over? I don't have it posted up on a URL
  14. So a few items...the CCM's I tried really weren't a ton better than the Bauers when doing the pencil test. I was surprised, the guy sizing me wasn't. He said even the CCM's seem to be coming out a little more shallow than they used to be "back in the day". He didn't have a ton of advice for me other than I could try replacing the tongue on my old boots since they broke down a bit. Then I showed him the 7.5 Bauers I had...he grabbed the sizing tool and had me pop my foot in there..... He smiled and said "if you walked in today to buy new skates, I'd definitely recommend the 7.5 for you...." I'm not sure what everyone's opinion is - but he said those laser sizing tools Bauer and some other companies use tend to suggest what he called a "pro fit" which is essentially toenails almost scraping against the toe (which is how my 6.5 supremes fit). He said for the vast majority of people, its not the most comfortable fit. He also mentioned that as I get into a smaller boot, I'm going to have less space for the ankle also (makes sense right?). So we left it at me trying these Vapors before I do anything else. I asked him if he could make me lace extenders, he said yeah but they it would cost the same and I'm swamped so you should just buy them from greatsaves…. And then I promptly got the flu so I missed both of my games this week. I'll be trying them out next week and will report back.
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