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  1. maybe that explains it - the ones I'm replacing now are Supreme's.
  2. So the back-story on my bauers - the bauers I had used all through high school were a 7.5 and I loved them. When I went in to replace them, they 3D scanned me and told me I was using skates too large for me and put me in the 6.5 So much is preference, but I think FOR ME I probably should have cut the difference and went with a 7 But there's still the possibility (which I fear) that you are right and I sized too high. I guess we will see as I skate with them - I actually have a game tonight and one tomorrow My other thought/hope was that by staying at the 6.5 maybe the entire boot gives me more volume, including on my hot spot on the ankle
  3. it sucks because I called around and they were the place with the most options in my size!
  4. So they didn't have any Tacks in my size in stock (and none of the new line of course). I tried on the True TF7 and TF9, I also tried the new Bauer Supreme in the higher volume fit (i forget the number), and I tried on a pair of Ribcore and a pair of JetSpeed by CCM. Of all the skates, the True line definitely put the least strain on the spot in my ankle where I'm getting bite - even before baking I'm SO happy I did this much research! If I hadn't read up on them, I would have definitely gotten too large of a skate. I've been wearing Bauer Supreme 6.5 Regular - I had them bring out a 6 and a 6.5 for me in True. I think the 6.5 Bauer are actually small by industry standards on my feet - so I started with a 6.5 True. I would have thought they were too small - it was squishing my foot laterally and my toes were all touching the cap. Couldn't even get into the 6. After baking the 6.5 feel PERFECT for me. I skate Wed and Thu this week and will report back I think i'm going to try my first game without lace extenders and see if I still feel I need them. I haven't played with the arch support pads or with the tongue yet - I'll do so tomorrow so I'm set up for success Wed in my game. FYI - local hockey monkey was COMPLETELY useless for help/sizing etc. It was like three 16 year old kids who knew next to nothing about skates, fitting, or baking. It was definitely disappointing - they had no knowledge or recommendations for me in any way. They didn't even know how to bake them properly. I asked if they use the packaging tape around the ankles and nobody knew what I'm taking about - "oh there's a roll of that on top of the True oven for some reason actually" - yeah you're supposed to use it!!! I ended up doing the entire baking process myself basically, and then they forgot about me. About 30 minutes after I got them on, I took them off myself and brought them to checkout. They said they would sharpen them for me - but nobody had any idea what profiling meant lol. So I think they just tossed my brand new skates onto the sharpening machine and gave them back to me haha.
  5. I've read some good stuff on here about the jetspeeds. The Jetspeed stick is actually my favorite twig, gotta match! Growing up I loved the tacks but doesnt look like theres much stock left.
  6. hockey monkey in my area has CCMs and both True TF7 and TF9 in my size. I'll be heading there Saturday to grab something new! Exciting
  7. I'm seeing a lot of folks say that the tf7 and tf9 are a toss up. I'm thinking of trying the 7's out
  8. now that is new to me - Im checking these out now. I tried alternative lacing patterns and dropping eyelets but just didn't feel confident in my skates if that makes sense.
  9. As a temp solution - pipe insulation is great. I'd buy 1/2 inch foam insulation and cut into blocks, then cut the center out. Place the hole of that over your tendon in the spot that hurts for a couple weeks until the inflammation dies down. You can stop it from getting worse that way, and then hopefully go back to no foam after it dies down
  10. So, I'm not AGAINST continuing to using lace bite extenders at all - my thought is just that if I'm going to drop the money on new skates anyways - finding one thats a "deeper" fit can only help. Right now my right ankle is killing me even with the extenders. I'm trying to leave them looser, I'm trying to really pull the area around the toes and bottom end of the skate tight and leave the top open more - but then I almost feel it gives me too much room to move around and increases the pressure on that spot when I skate. I'm 230lb and using a 6.5 Supreme right now. I tried on a pair of Graf Size 8 last night - felt definitely deeper and i passed the "pencil test" with those. I'm going to try on a pair of CCM's Jetspeed soon to see if thats even better or not. Just trying to get a feel for what I should be looking for. Another aside - I'm a 6.5 Bauer like I mentioned but I bet the 7.5 Graf fit me perfectly. I'm a 9.5 shoe
  11. Hello all, I've been having off/on lace bite issues over the last ~8 years or so. I got new skates and was replacing Vapors - I got myself a new pair of Vapors and thats when my lacebite issues started. I'm sure they were not the "right" boot for me. Only a few seasons later I went to the Bauer store and was fitted/scanned for Supremes - the salesperson was sure that the new volume and better tongue on the ones I bought would help. Nope, didn't help at all. I've been using lace extenders which saved me, but I think i'm at the point now where my boot is breaking down a bit and causing the lace bite on my right boot to come back I'm considering abandoning Bauer entirely to try somethign else. I've seen a lot of folks say that the CCM Jetspeed have a far deeper boot - so I'm going to try those on. Are there any other specifically higher volume skates for people with thick ankles? I have pretty small feet for my size (I'm wearing a 6.5D Supreme right now), but I have thick ankles. I get the bite right where my ankle meets my foot - at one point it was the size of a large grape or cherry on both ankles. Its since gone down, but the right side is super enflamed and I can tell its coming back. Its very tender when I skate. Any and all advice is welcomed! I can do the pencil test - but my concern is just its so hard to tell how a skate is going to affect my ankle based on a quick fit. When I bought the Supremes, I thought they felt better but they ended up being just the same. I don't want to drop $500-$600 only to have the same issues come back
  12. Update - I skated last night with the new Vapors to try them out. They felt solid trying them on but it became obvious pretty quickly that I'm not getting a proper heel lock. After the first period I actually went to the locker room and switched back into my original Bauer Supreme Skates.... @innotastic @Vet88 I decided to try skipping the top lace and WOW why the hell didn't I try this sooner. It made a very noticeable difference, even with NO Forsberg pads (I did have my bunga pads on). I always assumed skipping the top lace was going to put MORE pressure on the lace bite spot - quite the opposite. I play again tonight, so I'll try my 6.5 Supremes with the top lace undone again. Of course my lace extenders come tomorrow, so I won't get to try them until next week. Side note - the first game back after the Flu last week SUCKED! I'm definitely still recuperating, hopefully better tonight.
  13. I guess it takes the guys at GreatSaves a while to ship - they just got my package out today so I won't have them for this weeks games. I'm going to try the new skates and skip the top lace as recommended and then I can try the extenders next week. The Fall/Spring season only has like 4-5 weeks left and then I'll get a 2-3 week break before summer starts. I might take the first 2 weeks off to give myself a whole month, I'd hate to do it as my lungs/legs will pay but maybe getting the swelling down and the extenders fixes my issue - worth it
  14. Thanks guys! Appreciate the feedback - I'm eagerly awaiting my lace extenders. I have hockey Tuesday and Wednesday this week, so I really hope they are in my mailbox today when I get home! I'll report back how things feel to start. Do people still use the Forsberg pads with the lace extenders? Or not necessary?
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