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  1. Thanks man! Saved me some money and disappointment. Any recommendation on some older skate models that can be had for cheap on ebay/etc that might be good for this purpose?
  2. Hey guys, Figured as a little project I would convert a pair of ice skates to roller and try to keep it as cheap as possible. I found a pair of really well priced, new condition Easton Magnum skates in my size, and was wondering if anyone had any info on these? I know they are from at lease 10 years ago, but I would just be using these for the boot and since these roller hockey skates will just be used for messing around, don't need anything cutting edge. So I guess my question is were the Easton Magnums decent skates in their day? Also if anyone has any tips on the conversion process feel free to add that as well.
  3. Can someone help me understand the differences between Resistance vs Resistance 300 vs Resistance 110 vs Resistance 100? The resistance and resistance 300 look identical, and the 110 looks like the 100 with vn-colored tan foam instead of gray.
  4. Nice VH skates endoresment from Gretzky. Had no idea True pays the nhl licensing agreement.
  5. Those are some pretty huge shin pads in the picture of him playing outdoors. Also kind of looks like his sock covers his whole foot.
  6. What about something like this: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Pro-Stock-Return-Reebok-JOFA-hockey-garter-belt-/122268405551?hash=item1c77c3cf2f:g:RMEAAOSwfcVUEWVz Looks to me like it is meant to go through a loop on the socks?
  7. This might be a dumb question... But I see alot of garters online that appear to have loops instead of clips. Unless I am missing something, every pair of socks I have ever owned did not have any holes or loops on them. I have never worn a garter but always figured they just clipped to the socks, and if I remember correctly that's what I have seen around locker rooms. Am I missing something here? I have a pair of swift socks where they velcro is too high to wear with a velcro jock so was considering buying a garter.
  8. Two thoughts: You could buy a pair of mediums that you like and shorten the straps to get them tighter around your body. Or, you could get a pair of smalls you like and add some extensions to make them long enough. You could find a pair of small cheap pads, cut off the the bottom ~3 inches of the vest and attach with velcro or stitch them to the jacket of the new pads. Maybe it is easier in my head than in practice but I think it could work.
  9. Hey Guys, As my cheap Sher-wood bag is on its last leg, I was looking to get a pro quality bag to replace it, ideally on the bigger side. I have heard JRZ and Flite both make bags for NHL teams, and I like the simplicity and good price. Anyone have any experience with either or have a recommendation? The Reebok 10k bag also looks like a decent option, they are on Hockeymonkey for pretty cheap. Thanks guys.
  10. Thanks for the tips guys. It really makes no sense to me that they would make these cages with fixed chin cups.
  11. These chin cups appear to be permanently fastened to the cage with rivets. Does anyone have any tips on removing the chin cup? I am guessing once it's removed it wouldn't be that hard to re attach to another cage with something from the hardware store.
  12. Interesting. So are current Tackla pants made under license by Montreal? Or are they simply imported and distributed by Montreal and made by Tackla of Finland? (I know they are not made IN Finland).
  13. So I am currently using Tackla EXPP 55s that I bought from someone on this forum and loving them. I remembered wearing Tackla as a kid, and when I got back into hockey as an adult I decided to go that direction again. I wanted to get some insight on the status of Tackla as a company, since I have seen several things on this forum about Tackla having a relation to Montreal Hockey and Eagle. Did Eagle buy Tackla? From what I have gathered on the Montreal website, they are a distributor that distributes Tackla in the US, is that correct? Tackla still seems to have a fully independent Finnish website functioning. Can someone give me some insight into how the company is operating? Is eagle just producing Tackla branded products licensed by the Finnish company? Thanks guys, very interested. (Posted this over at sports2k earlier, figured I might some better info over here.)
  14. hockeydogs.com has a good selection. I recently bought some Tackla EXPPs (not from hockeydogs) and absolutely love em.
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