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  1. I had a practice on a Sport Court yesterday and the grip was very good. (I'm relieved) The concrete tiles must have been dirty, since many people complained about it being very slippery.
  2. I got new skates with Labeda Addiction wheels on; First time I took them out for practice (1h), indoor polished concrete tiles rink, they easily felt the best wheels I've ever skated on, I've never experienced such a good grip before. Second and third timed I played on the hockey plastic tiles with equally excellent grip (ca. 2x 1h). Fourth time on wooden court, no complaints. Fifth time I went for a brief 30min practice in an outdoor polished concrete tiles rink (same surface as the indoor concrete tiles rink) and experienced a superb grip also. (I used to play on this rink over summer with my previous wheels/skates and the rink was feeling very slippery (to everyone)) However yesterday, on the same rink as the first time (indoor polished concrete tiles) the wheels had no grip whatsoever and I was sliding all over the place. I even tried cleaning the wheels with paper tissues in case there was some dirt/dust residue on the wheels but that didn't help. It felt the same or even worse than my previous wheels on that same rink. It really is a mystery to me how the wheels could have lost grip on the very same rink in course of a few weeks / 5 hrs of use. I'm going to play on the plastic tiles tonight so I'll see how the grip is there.
  3. Thanks for your answer. I weigh around 145-150 lbs and I am an advanced skater (I used to do figure skating on ice and aggressive skating in skate parks before picking up hockey).
  4. Hey all, I'm looking to buy a new pair of inline skates. Currently I have CCM Jetspeed 260, but the boots are too soft and they bent at around ankle level, so now they provide nearly no support. I saw these skates, Easton V7, for a good price (around 125eur), but could find information on sellers website only: no reviews. They look like they're an old model, but I couldn't find the exact year. They say they are successor of Easton IQ44 and equivalent of Vapor X80R in Bauer range. Also they are 72-72-80-80 Hi-Lo setup (82A outdoor wheels, but I could change those), which I believe they don't do on current skates anymore. Are these worse in manoeuvrability/turning radius than other setups? Anyone has experience with these/similar skates? Do you think they would be a worthy upgrade? (I am looking mainly for stiffer/more durable boot that would last) or do you think it is worth it to pay more and go directly for more recent higher models by Bauer/Mission (ie. AC/DS 2) or Alkali (Shift+)?
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