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  1. Good to hear. Waiting for shipping while missing ice time would be a crime.
  2. Yeah...when I googled it, urban dictionary came up first. But again, I live in japan so I'm not exposed to your youthful terms. That and I'm old. Now get off my lawn!
  3. I really don't know too much about boot shapes, but it sounds like you're racking up some shipping costs so I'm gonna offer an alternative: book a flight up north. Think of it, you're gonna find multiple stores stocked to the rafters, and if you learn how to book flights on the websites, you'll eventually find a flight cheap enough to make it worth it. I've had to do something similar recently and it worked quite well. Locate a cheap hotel and fly out when you have a couple of days off. It's another option.
  4. Hey guys. I need some advice on a strange bag issue. I have a Bauer rolling backpack, which has been great for a guy who uses public transport to get to the rink, and has had to haul it up a mountain more than a few times after practices and games. The issue is that as I was climbing some stairs at a train station, the telescopic handle popped out of its base at the bottom of the bag. I've tried forcing it back in, and I'm hesitant to use any kind of lever as I don't want to bend the metal bar. I've contacted my local hockey shop who pointed me to the maker as it was out of warranty. Has anyone had a similar issue in the past? Any ideas on how to fix it?
  5. Thanks. Again, lots of players here like to try their best to have the "look" of an NHL player, so they'll be willing to pay a bit more. But yeah, I'm just trying to get around the local guy. He's absolutely hosing us!
  6. Seems to be the case that jersey tron isn't the best, but it will last. The local guy wants USD 130 for a jersey - no socks - so I'm trying to find us a better deal which shouldn't be hard... "Beer league" is a misnomer here - the only times available for ice are normally 10pm or later (We have sessions that start at half past midnight), and everyone has to drive. With drinking and driving laws as strict as they are here, nobody is willing to risk having a beer, playing a game, and then driving home. Also due to late times, trains and busses normally stop by then so public transport is out of the question, and showing up with a bunch of guys at a bar with hockey bags....not gonna make many friends that way! The game here is tough to compare to North America for me - I have lived here so long that I don't have a point of reference any longer. The league, as most social societies, tends to be a bit on the strict side, but it's considered normal here: a team has to accept you (to see if you fit in) and you have to pay an entrance fee to the league (about 30 bucks in my case) but it depends on the league. As far as teams are concerned, it depends on where you live. If you live in a bigger city like Tokyo or Osaka, there are lots more teams. As in America, the further north you go, the more popular the sport is so there are likely a lot of teams up there. When there are more teams, there are more ability levels - A being the top, B, c, and so on. In my little leauge, there are only three teams. We play some practice games against local colleges as well, but considering that there are no playoffs due to the lack of teams, I don't particularly see the difference. One thing I've noticed here is that the foreigners in the league (there are almost ALWAYS foreigners) tend to have gear that they used from when they were in their younger playing days. I played until around junior high and started up again as an overweight 33 year old, so I needed mostly new gear. The locals have a tendency to like to go out and buy the newest coolest best looking stuff. I'm quite happy with used gear so I can rely on Yahoo Auctions for that! Hockey shops are few and far between. Most of the shops here are more geared towards figure skating, and they really don't know how to sharpen hockey skates or a goddam thing about hockey gear in general. I've had to do lots of research to make sure I got the right gear. One guy near where I live has a hockey shop, but his sharpener is an automatic machine and I feel like his stone isn't wide enough - I always have a dull outside or inside edge it seems. Furthermore he doesn't keep a decent stock of gear. You can't try on a bunch of different skates because he probably only has 20 or 25 pairs in the entirety of his shop, so getting my desperately needed new skates has been a challenge. I may have to go to a larger shop in Tokyo (3 hours away and 300 bucks to get there and back!) just to try on a few different pairs to find one I like! It's not an easy game to play here so you really have to be willing to commit to it. My kid plays and she loves taking her hockey bag places because it's a chance for her to show off. She walks around with an attitude of "I do something that you wouldn't dream of doing because I'm tougher than you!" She's only 5...
  7. Hey guys. I need to order some new jerseys for my team. I have ordered Hespeler gear from Jersey Tron in the past and I've been very happy with it. However, the difference in style of play between my beer league team and my five year old's team is...okay, bad example. Just wondering if they are durable and will last a while. We play in Japan and they are very reasonable with shipping so I'd like to go with them if the quality is up to snuff. Thoughts?
  8. Thanks guys! I've made donuts out of stock shoe insoles before to keep my ankles from blistering (slip inside sock and voila! No blisters) so I'll try something like that first and then go for building up the tongue. You've just saved me a big headache and maybe a couple hundred dollars!
  9. Hey guys. I'm a middle aged dude slowly but surely getting fatter and fatter, and I'm looking into buying a damn nice pair of skates that will hopefully last me for quite a long time. Problem is, the bone in the middle of my foot sticks up quite a bit and every skate I've tried on with decent tongue protection annoys the holy b-jesus out of it. Another issue is that I live in Japan, which means selection at the only local hockey shop is limited at best. I've tried on the Bauer Supreme 180s and they feel great except for that damn bone in the middle of the top of my foot! I'd like to try the 190s as well and I'd be confident ordering them if and only if I could punch a dent in the tongue of the skate like I've done before for the ankle. Has anyone done this before? Did it work?
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