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  1. Thanks for all the suggestions! I will be looking at these and also trying the Lit Sport with a thin hat under. That might be the best option for now! Just in the last week, she has made huge improvements with her skating and getting quick, so I really need something ASAP.
  2. My son has the Bauer Prodigy in the extra small so yeah, I guess I will fiddle with that and a hat under and see what might work... I planned on letting her wear it around the house (she already wears her brothers around anyhow) to build up her strength (plus she only skates for short bursts, like 15 mins at most, then breaks and she keeps going longer as her strength builds up). My son is not hitting the puck up right now or very hard but I think that will change fast (and I will keep her off the ice when I need too) so she is OK now but she can hit her face on the boards of the rink at home (they are about 6 inches high) so it would be nice for that plus just flat out hitting her face on the ice.... Trust me, I did not expect to have a 2 year old on the ice but she has been literally crawling and then walking to it, trying to get on, since she could move... Oy. Thanks for the tips. I didn't realize the shoulder pads were for the heart... My son has his first lessons next week and he doesn't need full gear yet so I am still very much learning as we go.
  3. Newbie hockey mom here. My 5 year old just started hockey and we have a rink in the backyard (he has been figure skating awhile now). My 2 year old is learning to skate so she can follow her brother around and is succeeding in that. She is wearing a bike helmet now but my son wants to practice with his stick/pucks on the ice and I think the 2 year old needs a face guard. Any idea on what helmet we can try? We tried the Bauer Lit Sport but it was too big. She is 2 years 3 months old. Thanks!
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