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  1. It's OK. 6.5 fit perfect :) 3 days already and its very good.
  2. Bauer supreme 6.5 EE it's perfect for me. After one hour, no pain, nothing. So I'm very satisfied. Thanks
  3. Wow! They are very small 6.5 EE. It's like not only one size. Longer it's OK. Only problem with the ankle! Both skates. The longer it's perfect, but... pain.. maybe after few days will be better? I don't know but it looks like the blade it's shorter then 7EE. I don't understand bauer and their size chart. I have to stay with 6.5 EE, no choice. I hope everything's gonna be all right. If not Vapor 7EE. I had the same problem with the ankles with my inline skates Rollerblade Twister. But after heating the shell was OK. But with supreme s150 I'm not sure if i can o the same. With higher model i think yes, but s150? Boots are to shorts on the top in the laces area.
  4. Thanks. I will see tomorrow with 6.5 EE, i will try them.
  5. So 7EE its definitely to big for me. I can't try again 7D, only 6.5EE. I wear nike shoes 8.5 size, the same than bauer, also 8.5 us size. (7) bauer size. So in US sizing of bauer, you should take the same size than your shoes? or one size down? If i wear 8.5 US nike shoes, i should try 8.5 or 8? Than 8 will be 6.5 in bauer sizing, and 8.5 it's 7 bauer. Thanks for your help;)
  6. OK, But i don't have any choice now. So, i will stay with 7EE or it's possible to change them and try with 6.5 EE. I think the Vapors probably are better for me then supreme, but i can't buy the Vapors. My first skates:)
  7. Thanks. I can't buy Vapor cause they have just supreme 7EE or 6.5EE. I've tried 7D supreme and was to narrow. I will change them tomorrow, one size down. My foot is 10.31 inches longer/ 4.05 inches width. How is better? Have some space or not? I thing i've got like 0.35 inch space in liner. With 2 socks it's OK but still space in the hell pocket
  8. HI. I have bauer supreme s150 size 7EE, and i think they are to big. I want to know if size 6.5EE is diffrent than 7D? 7D was a bit to narrow but 7EE to wide and to long, like more than one finger space betwen the heel and skates. Thanks
  9. Hi, i've bought supreme s150 size 7 EE and they are to big. They don't heve 7 D. I just want to ask if size 6.5 EE will fit perfect or to small? What's the differents betwen 7D and 6.5EE? The 7EE are to wides in my heel, and to longs, like 1.5 finger. But 7D was a litle bit to narrow. So, stay with 7EE or go one size down 6.5EE? I have 10.31 inch long and 4.05 inch wide. 26.2 cm and 10.3 cm in European size. Thanks
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