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  1. I would look into Super feet. Yellow or Blue. In my opinion running shoe insoles could change the way your foot fits into the hockey boot. Did your jetspeeds have the custom currex ccm insoles? I noticed a big difference in those compared to the crappy stock ones.
  2. CCM is out of the size in jetspeed. I think with the product line switching they don't have the old version in stock.
  3. I had the jetspeeds but the eyelet tore out after 5 skates. They are replacing with Super Tacks because they are sold out of jetspeeds in my size. Jetspeed ft1 should be released in April, so they dwindling down the old model.
  4. It's soooo tough sizing without trying them on. I drove 45 mins each way x2 to try and figure it out. i have a narrow heel and slightly wider toe area. Jetspeed felt the best but super tacks feel good and hopefully better after baking. Bauer s180 gave me bad lace bite across the top of the fore foot. I am still no solid on if the tacks will work for my foot but out of options.
  5. According to that post, sizing on Super tacks compared to Jetspeeds is .5 different. You would need to go up .5 a size when switch from jetspeed to Super Tacks. So a 7.5 in jet would need to be an 8 in Super. Does this make sense?
  6. The eyelet is pulling towards the tongue. It's not poped out. The material is tearing and has gotten worst. I don't think the eyelet was stamped in correctly. I stopped by my LHS again today and measure to an 8. (10.5/11 Nike Free running shoe) Tried on both the 7.5 and 8 again, 8 feels closer to my 7.5 in Jetspeed. 7.5 in Super Tacks are small. Zero room and I think if I got hit with a puck in the toe it would be broken right away. 8 feels more comfortable. I don't think going to a 7 would help in terms of length. The jetspeed do feel a little better on my feet but with the warranty they aren't going to be an option. skates that are too big is not good! Thanks, any other input would be great.
  7. Hello Everyone, Had some bad luck with skates. Purchased Jetspeed skates 12/26/16 and top eyelet is pulling out. Warranty will replace them but they no longer have them in stock in my size. (7.5) They offered to replace with Super Tacks. Tried some on at LHS and 7.5 felt super small and tight but the 8 had heel slippage. The 8, I could just barely feather the toe on the right foot. (Bigger Foot than the left) After baking and break in I can just barely feel the toe on the right skate with standing in my current Jetspeeds. Any Suggestions on sizing? How much room with be added with the baking and break in period? In a bind here and not sure what to do. Background info 5'8, 225 lbs. Play 4 times a week and played over 25 years.
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