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  1. Graf does allow more ankle articulation than other skates. Cut a bit lower and more flexible than hard boots. Thing about graf is if he gets used to that feel, it will be hard to go to other brands. Just my opinion. Hope it helps you.
  2. I wonder why you don't get good results with a punch. I have to punch any hard boot including vapor for that damn bone. Doesn't take much but it has to be done.
  3. Been down the same road. I have owned the supreme, vapor and the Ribcor. To answer your question the Vapor will not feel different in the instep and forefoot after baking. I ended up on the Vapor. The machine turned out to be a reliable source. Both the supreme and the Ribcore felt much more comfortable to try on and they were comfortable enough to skate in, BUT I never felt in tune with either one. I didn't know exactly why until I listened to the damn machine and put some time on the Vapor. If you have a narrow foot (which the machine suggests you have) even though the Supremes and the Ribcore will both feel great, there is some slop side to side(just the tiniest bit) which will affect your skating and balance. It's not earth shaking, and some might get passed it but to me something always felt off. The feel of the Vapor is sort of a shelf on the side of your foot and that never changes, but if they fit right you will not notice it in short order. In the end they will end up being the most comfortable, because they are the truest to your foot least amount of negative space. It's not a shoe it's a skate.That results in a more pleasant experience over all. Something to consider. It's quite a journey getting new skates after several years. Good luck to you.
  4. For what it's worth I've been on lots of skates 5 pair over the last year. When skates fit properly there is literally no break in period. They will be comfortable from the get go. No fussing with the laces. Just put them on snug them up and go. When skates were leather you would "break them in" todays skates form fit with a bake and that's that.
  5. any chance you can find your way to a Bauer 3d machine? Boot fit along with pitch could cause either one. Both point to skates.
  6. From your foot description it sounds like you have a navicular bone. It's like a second ankle bone just below and a bit forward of the ankle bone. If you do (something like 11% of people do) any hard boot that is made today will bother you for ever until you get a small punch spot made for it. I went through a few pairs of new skates until I learned that lesson. Also the hard boots of today are quite a bit different to skate on than the skates of yesterday IMO. The older skates let you be more of an ankle skater articulating your ankle for your edges. New hard boots require you to use your whole body to edge properly. Try as I might it's a difficult transition for me. Because your on Bauer it might be a bit easier for you as I used Graf and the profiles are totally different. As for todays skates, CCM ribcor is soft enough to feel close to familiar. Graf is a great option if you can find them. Good luck it seem like an easy enough thing but it's not. Good luck to you.
  7. Just bumped into this thread. I could have written it myself. I've been on Vapor,Supreme, Ribcore, not quite as many as you but ridiculous. I feel like I can find boot comfort in a few of them, but never feel "comfortable" on any of them. I skate about 4 times a week and I give them each a month or more but they never feel quite right. One thing we have in common is a lot of years on Graf. It sucks but my brain is somehow programed to the Graf feel and It bums me out, but I don't seem able to adjust to anything else. I don't have an answer for you,I can only say I understand exactly what your talking about. People say I look comfortable, "you look the same" on each pair, but I'm not feeling it. I see other Graf users that went to True and money aside say the Graf were more comfortable. This scares me. Love to hear what solves it for you I'm about giving up.
  8. I too have the right foot a bit wider than my left. I am in the 68k. From the onset the left skate felt terrific. The right a bit more pressure on the side. They seem to get better and better with use. Almost to the point of non issue after about 10 hours. Stick with them.
  9. How easy was it for you to transition to Ribcor coming off the 703s? Ballance points etc.
  10. Nothing fits my foot like Graf. I don't know why the hate for this company. I truly don't understand how people think they under preform. In comparison Bauer and CCM are not building a quality skate. Lots of money for a product that doesn't seem to hold up very well. Grafs are bullet proof. Glad to see them come back in any fashion.
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