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  1. I personally liked the original better, but the new one is really nice as well. I don't think I like the new shaft dimensions as much.
  2. I'm a quick release snapshot guy too, but actually prefer the stick to kick more towards my bottom hand. I'm a big fan of the Tacks line cause its an easy loading mid-kick, but also has a stiff blade which helps for quick shots. I personally have a hard time using low kicks, I find they feel stiff throughout the entire shaft other than right above the blade and it just doesn't feel good to me when shooting. My recommendation is definitely the SuperTacks 2.0
  3. I'd love to be in this somehow
  4. How are these sticks? I've heard better things about them compared to other smaller brands like Zeal, ABHS and Glory for example.
  5. The SuperTacks will break after one ice time, so I'd wait until the 2.0. The 1S is durable, but you really have to lean into it unless you use a whippier flex than usual. The A6.0 SBP is the best performance wise, but also has questionable durability. To summarize, stay away from the 1st gen SuperTacks and go with the A6.0 if durability isn't an issue (although it's similar to the 1N). If you're looking for a very powerful stick that will last the 1S is right up your alley.
  6. I prefer the 1X ant the top end, but Warrior makes the better lower price point sticks from the QRL Pro all the way down to QRL5
  7. It's rockered though. I like the profile and curve size of P88 types curves, but I have a hard time shooting with no blade rocker. This looks good to me as I'm usually using either a P92 or P46.
  8. Anyone have a picture of the P30?
  9. The SuperTacks 2.0 looks promising with the use of 18K carbon. Should hold up much better.
  10. To make sure the edges are smooth and to remove any slight imperfections
  11. I have no affiliation with Colt and actually usually use TRUE or Bauer Nexus.
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