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  1. Ok so I've been doing a little bit more skating, I did the "Gap Lacing" (https://www.fieggen.com/shoelace/gaplacing.htm). Skipping only the one eyelet. Funnily enough my right foot no longer hurts. It's tight as hell but does not hurt. Left foot hurts a little bit. Reducing pressure over the instep seems to do the trick. Right foot 100% fine last session. I'd say I'm up to 5-6 hours of skating in these pairs now. The pain seems to die down a bit once I actually start skating (i.e. there is weight transfer). If I just put the skate on and stand on the ice, it's agony after a few minutes. So maybe I'm just not used to it? Maybe the skates need to break in some more? I'll stick with it for a while longer and if it doesn't help, then I will try to go down half a size with a EE width boot and see how that pans out.
  2. @vinprun71 They don't brush the toe box, I have some small amount of room in there (fits just right). The bulk of the pain is where the arch of the foot and the ball of the foot are. Feels like it's being squeezed aggressively from both sides. @clarkiestooth Yes I did have them baked when I bought them at the store. @MrBrownstone Absolutely no pain in rental skates! Discomfort sure, but definitely no "foot in vice" pain. I'm going to try some new lacing techniques, specifically ones that relieve so much pressure over the instep area. Failing that I will go back to the shop an see if they can help.
  3. Thanks for the response. Interesting you should post that video, I did find that very one in my search for fitting. Unfortunately I only spotted this video AFTER I'd bought skates and they weren't fitting right. According to the video, my left foot comes out at 2.48 and my right at 2.50. According to this sizing guide: So according to this I need EE? As a person of small stature this is entirely surprising to me. So what now? Did I basically piss money away on these skates?
  4. I've only recently taken up ice skating. I used to do a bit of it in my younger years so I'm not a total novice but I'd be lying if I could say I'd skate well (see username). I skate recreationally, nothing serious. I got sick of the luck-of-the-draw rental skates at the rink and decided to pull the trigger on my own set. Anyway, on to the issue - I was "fitted" at the local store (who admittedly didn't really give me a lot of choices in both terms of size nor range) into a size "7 R" Bauer Supreme S160 skate. Unfortunately every time I've tried to go ice skating I found that they are VERY painful. I started skating with my normal socks, and after about 10-15 minutes it was too painful to continue, I have to stop, remove skates and just sit for a bit. Even taking the weight off my feet doesn't alleviate the pain - I have to fully remove the skate to allow my foot to "decompress". I then tried with the thinnest pair of socks I own - same story. The only thing that makes a difference is going barefoot. It's still uncomfortable but I can at least tolerate it. Total skate this time in this skate at this stage I'd say is 3-4 hours. I've read it takes 10+ hours to break in a skate, but seriously I can't see myself punishing my feet like that for another 6 hours. The heel area is fine & the toebox area is fine. The most painful part is the sides of the foot where the arch & ball are. I am feeling excessive pressure from the sides - it feels like someone has got my foot in a vice and just won't let go. If I tie my skates a little bit looser it helps, but then it impacts my skating ability. The front-to-back fit is perfect - I've got a tiny little amount of room on the toe box region (my toes are NOT hard up against the inside of the boot). Is this thing sized wrong for me? The issue is a skate feels differently when you try it on in the shop... hell it even feels fine when you try them for a few minutes on the ice but its total agony after about 15 minutes... Any insight appreciated. For all I know this could be normal? Sure don't feel like it though.
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