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  1. It’s kinda cliche but i’m thankful for hockey. Without playing hockey I would’ve never met 90% of my closest friends.
  2. I recently bought an authentic golden knights jersey on shop.nhl.com, I received the jersey today and was not happy with the finished product. As many might know, when the NHL rebranded with adidas this season a few teams jerseys started using perforated numbers( the stars, panthers, knights ) come to mind as well as a few others. When I received my jersey today the numbers on the jersey did not have the perforations, instead they had what appeared to be knock off numbers. I’m curious to if anybody else has stumbled across this. I’ve contacted shop nhl, the golden knights store, as well as the Dallas stars store to see if the jerseys they sold to fans were just like this, or if it was something fluky. I can’t seem to upload images from my phone, but to get an idea what it looks like instead of perforated holes it looks like some took an ink pen and neetly dotted the numbers to appear like they had holes in them.
  3. So i’m working on my slapshots without skates in a shooting room, and after awhile my lower back and hip starts to kill. Is this a form issue with my shot, or is it something else? I use the same stick as I do on the ice so it’s a bit long for dry land shooting and someone suggested that that could be the issue. Just curious on other people’s thoughts on this.
  4. I am new to this so bare with me. A product that I have been using in my skates for a little while now ( about 3 months) is the Adrenaline powerfoot insert. It is a soft pad with an adhesive backing that sticks to the top of the toe box in your skate. The goal is to keep your toes in contact with the bottom of the skate and to eliminate toe lift in the skate. If you would like to read more on the product the link is https://adrenalinedesign.ca/powerfoot/. My personal opinion of the powerfoot are that they do indeed work. Along with that they also make the toe box of the skate a lot more comfortable, I mean who wouldn't want a nice cushion in he front of your skate. This product is something that I will be buying for all of my skates.
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