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  1. Bauer's system was spot on for me. It found the correct size and best fitting model/lineup.
  2. For starters, i would agree with what has already been said; try them all on, and get what feels best. Given that, i will say the fancy Bauer machine was spot on with my assessment. It told me I'd fit best in a 7.5EE Supreme, and after trying on various models, the machine was right.
  3. I do feel bad for your experience, and hopefully you can recoup some money by reselling them on ebay or similar. But to be honest, I would've been incredibly shocked if any shop agreed to take the skates back for a full refund after baking, sharpening, and skating in them. You really really really need to try these things on before buying. And if you have to buy first, then at least get a second or third opinion on the fit before baking and sharpening. Still, a crappy situation nonetheless.
  4. Just wanted to drop in and give substantial props and credit to Amazinmets73. The videos of your progress right up to the ones your posted above are very impressive in such a short amount of time, especially assuming you also have a job and/or school that requires your time. You've advanced beyond what i would have predicted for someone having started from a similar position. I was put on skates at ~3 years old, spent half my life in ice arenas, helped coach HS hockey teams, and I can honestly say I'm impressed! Is it weird for you to watch your old videos?
  5. I cant stand the near-total market disappearance of 2-piece sticks. When i was younger, and now especially playing in adult leagues, i always broke blades before breaking the shaft. On my 2-piece sticks i can typically do 2-3 blades before the shaft gives out. Between beer leagues and drop in, 95% of my shots are just snappers. Now it's gotten to the point where i buy almost any quality RH blade i can find, and now shafts are getting as difficult to find. I've ALWAYS used Modano/Zetterberg curves, but now im having to learn other patterns just to continue using whatever blades i can find. And 90% of blade patterns are a steeper lie, which is most difficult to adjust to for me.
  6. http://www.thehockeyshop.com/bauer-nexus-800-tall-senior-pants.html Bauer Nexus 800 Tall
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