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  1. I ended up taking a risk and grabbing a pair of the Visium's in a size 7 from Hockey Monkey and it paid off. They fit snug outta the box and brought them to get baked and fit great. A few blisters after having worn them only twice but that's to be expected. These are going to break in nicely and so far I love em
  2. where are you ordering from that seams to have every size you're requesting in stock? Seems every site has zero in stock for Alkali right now.
  3. FYI while trying on a pair of Alkali's, I was told they fit similar to Graf skates by the sales rep.
  4. Mission "Proto" line of skates (V, VS, VSI, especially the VS model with the white inserts and gold chassis) *BONUS* 80/72 setup Mission 3 finger gloves Blueberry scented wheels (can't remember the name of them, but that smell was unforgettable) V-form skates (In retrospect, these things are ugly as sin but I had fond memories of watching older players with them)
  5. Wow, timing couldn't have been better! I just stumbled upon this forum after 10+ years away from the game and read through this novel of a thread while waiting for my membership to clear, wanted to share my story/thoughts. I just went on a roller coaster while reading this thread of should I/shouldn't I try out a pair of Alkalis and Justin's response couldn't have come at a better time. Long story short, I recently spent an afternoon in the major hockey retailer nearby outfitting myself head-to-toe. Needless to say, the game has certainly changed (hmm, perhaps a separate thread) and when it got time to check out the skates I immediate said to the Rep who was assisting me, "Aside from my brief stint with V-forms, I've only worn Missions." He suggested a pair and I tried them on. As I (uncomfortably) skated around the area I noticed these unfamiliar looking skates on the wall with a design that conjured up thoughts of the OG "Wicked Lights". For a second I thought they were "Nexed" but I later found out that they folded, but alas they were Alkali. I asked him about them and the Rep immediately shut them down. He was relentless, to the point I jokingly asked if the skates had killed his dog. I really wish I had stumbled upon this place before making that purchase. I ended up with the current pair of uncomfortable Missions that the Rep said would feel better over time, even after baking, but they just don't feel like the Missions I was so fond of back then. For starters, I thought the front wheels looked bigger than I remember, I can barely tighten the axles or else the wheels barely spin, and the stance on them just feels off. Really looking forward to the Visium 2's coming this fall!
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