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  1. I'm using the stock thin insole to keep as much depth in the skate as possible. The original Jetspeed skates are a perfect fit for my feet(6.5). The FT1 7.5 skates are the same length as the original Jetspeed but the depth is very shallow. That was the only problem I had asked about before purchasing the skates and doing the custom scan. They assured me that the depth would be adjusted to accommodate my foot. Shogun, they're 7.5 but they're the same length as the original Jetspeeds at 6.5.
  2. I ordered a pair of custom CCM Jetspeed FT1's. The scanned my foot 3 times and it gave them 3 different skate sizes. I was told before making the purchase that the depth of the skate would be modified to accommodate my higher instep. The skate came in the exact same way as it would stock except for my name stitched into the fabric on the tongue. The hockey shop told me they have many ways to adjust for a proper fitment. I have been there every week for almost 2 months for an adjustment since I can't wear the skate for longer than 10 minutes without limping and rippihttps://i.imgur.com/9GhISTt.pngng the skates off asap. They now have no other adjustment option for the fitment of my skate that I paid almost $1300 for. Does anyone have any idea how to relive the tension off of my instep so I can use these skates? My foot is literally popping out of the boot. lol Here's a pic. Hopefully, someone has an idea that they haven't tried.
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