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  1. Thank you for the reply! Agreed regarding the importance of finding a skate that fits well. I will be doing that through trial and error. But one area where I definitely don't feel qualified to make assessments is the quality/durability of the skate. For instance, the Tour Fish Bonelite 725 LE seems like a nice skate, but many people on the forum have mention that they aren't particularly durable--something I would never have known/figured out without getting other people's opinions. So if you have thoughts about the quality of the listed skates, I'd love to hear them! Regarding your other suggestions: The Alkali RPD Max+ look very nice, but unfortunately the 25% coupon doesn't apply to them (probably due to a manufacturer price floor). And the Verberos also look great, but I unfortunately need a skate sized somewhere between 8.5-10 (US shoe of 10.5), which are all sold out. And conversion would probably be outside my price range at the moment since I don't have any of the necessary components.
  2. Hey everyone, I need new inline skates after being away from the game for awhile. I'm looking to spend between $150-$300 (I'm in graduate school, so $300 is a pretty firm ceiling on what I can spend). I typically play outdoors on somewhat rough playground surfaces. The biggest factor for me is durability--given my financial/occupational situation, I really want to avoid purchasing a new pair of skates in the next year or two. Some models I'm considering: • Alkali RPD Shift+ • Bauer Vapor X500R • Bauer Vapor X600R • Mission Inhaler NLS:04 • Tour Fish Bonelite 725 LE It's pretty difficult to find reviews for these models, so I would really appreciate your thoughts! Thanks!
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