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  1. Since the watch is safely under the thickest cuff of the glove, we rarely here of any issues with damage but some users do like to use protective wrist guards to cover the watch just in case. You can find them on Hockey Monkey etc. Gary
  2. Well, we just launched in iOS in January then had a big 2.0 launch a few weeks ago. Hopefully if things go well we can begin moving out to other markets. That being said, if you're currently an Android user and just want a minimal hardware setup to use HockeyTracker, an iPhone 6 can be had pretty cheap via Ebay/Apple refurb and you could pair it with an Apple Watch Series 1 which were going recently at Walmart (US) for $150.
  3. Thank you so much for the kind words! So glad you are enjoying it and currently working on making it even better
  4. Hey guys, wanted to let you know that HockeyTracker for Apple Watch 2.0 is out! I started developing the app this past fall after posting on this sub whether anyone would be interested in this type of app and getting a lot of interest. We turned that into a pretty extensive beta prior to launching 1.0 in January. Version 1.0 was more or less a skeletal version of the app just to begin tracking and saving the hockey specific metrics. Version 2.0 now adds a fresh UI design as well as an important historical section so that we can begin to see how our metrics are improving over time, especially those HT-custom metrics like Skating Efficiency and Hockey Fitness Ratio which really didn't mean much without the ability to track them between workouts. I've also added dedicated Goalie and Ref modes which I hope to expand on in subsequent updates. Everything included in 2.0: *Historical Section (see your stats and metrics graphs based on the week, month, or year). Drag your finger on the graph to see the data point. *Fresh design and user interface (inside a workout, swipe left or right to navigate between your metric categories) *You will now see your shift times graphed above the list of shifts *Updated Watch UI with icons for metrics *Dedicated Goalie Mode including the ability to add shots on goal and saves *Dedicated Ref Mode *Under the hood bug fixes and enhancements Please check out the new version and let me know what you think. If you haven't yet please join our Slack community to contribute feedback, feature requests, and post your stats https://join.slack.com/t/hockeytracker/shared_invite/enQtMzEwNTM5MjA3MDYzLWI3NThlMGNjMzQ2ZDg2ZDc4ODc0MTJlNGZjYzZmOGU5MmZmZDU1NmRlNzZlYjVmM2ZmMTc1MGNmMWQ3YjA3NjE And if you could leave a rating or review that would be awesome too, they help as far as getting the word out to more and more hockey players around the world. Thank you as always for your continued support! Gary
  5. Thanks for reaching out! I actually just launched version 2.0, I'll make a separate post.... to your questions: (1) Calories are calculated using your actual movement on the ice, so it should be more accurate than the Fitbit...my guess is that the Fitbit was probably a little too high. Keep in mind of course Calorie counts in general are just an estimate. They're more useful as a comparison between workouts that the actual calorie count itself. (2) Shifts are detected given your movement, so if you aren't moving for a long time (for instance if there is an injury) or in between periods you should use the pause button to get more accurate shift times. Another thing is to avoid counting your warm up as a shift it's best to start the workout right before the puck drops. Thanks for giving HockeyTracker a look! Gary
  6. Hey guys, just wanted to post an update. The beta is just about over, hoping to launch in the new few weeks. You can now Pre-order the app in the app store at this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hockeytracker/id1297971760?ls=1&mt=8 you can also sign up to our email list to keep track of updates https://www.hockeytrackerapp.com and don't forget to join our Slack Channel if you haven't yet, not only for this app but for general hockey stuff too: https://join.slack.com/t/hockeytracker/shared_invite/enQtMjk0MjMwNTc2OTQ4LTM0NzZkZjQwOWEzMjY3ZWQyZDEwMzM1OGI5NDM1MzRmOGY5Yjg4Zjc2MjYzYTU4Mjg5N2IxMzU1YjRjOWRkYzk
  7. @NiCnoK good question, I'm pretty Apple only permits 1 workout to be started at a given time, but hopefully once you see the app you'll not want to use the native one.
  8. Hey guys, a friend on the hockey reddit told me about this forum. I'm an independent iOS developer (and a hockey player) and was frustrated with the limitations of the Apple Watch Workout App for tracking my hockey. So I decided to write my own app. It's in beta right now and I have about 70 testers so far but could use a few more, not only to test out the current version for bugs and crashes but I've also started a Slack Channel so that you can leave your feedback but also guide the development as we go forward as far as new features etc. I want this to be THE hockey tracking app BY hockey players. If you're interested in signing up for the beta (or if you just want to get on the mailing list to be notified when it's available) sign up here: http://hockeytrackerapp.com/ Join our Slack here: https://join.slack.com/t/hockeytracker/shared_invite/enQtMjc2ODA3NTY3MzkyLTQ2NjdhYmQwMDk2NzQzMzgxOWY0M2U5OTEzNjFhNTVlZjQwNTUzODc4MzkzODA2MzMwOGZiNmRkNDU0MTBlNDI Thanks! Gary
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