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  1. A year has passed but I wanted to come back and say that I successfully found that Tacks are a good fit for me. Also, when I said I was a 9.5 street shoe in my original post, it turns our that it was just one certain brand that I am a 9.5 in. I've bought some more shoes since then and my foot is more of an 8.5 wide, which is also what it measures to on one of those measuring devices. Back to the skates. I went to Pure Hockey and they were worthless and wanted me in a skate that was too big with little heel hold. I bought a Bauer skate from them and ended up returning them. Bauer are just not the right fit for my foot. Finally I went to Dicks Sporting Goods and tried on some CCM Tacks size 7 regular width and knew right away that it would be the right skate in a wide width because they fit close and the toe box was wide. I went online and bought a Tacks 4092 in 7 EE and they fit pretty good. The heel hold is great and this skate is good for people needing a wide toe box. Thanks for the help
  2. Hi, I am just looking for a pair of skates for playing occasional hockey on local ponds. I don't have any previous hockey experience except I've played a pond hockey a handful of times when I was younger. My feet are hard to fit with a forefeet and toes that are pretty wide, yet instep is medium height and heel not wide. I am size 9.5 in a street shoe. I am looking for skates that fit right and it is tough because the local shops don't have much in stock. Shop A) had a good skate fitter who advised that my foot measuring between 7.5 and 8 will not get good heel lock in a size 8. It was a small shop that only had a size 7.5 in a CCM Ribcor Maxx and they felt like a good fit to my foot shape overall except too narrow in forefoot and toe box. The guy said a 7.5 was good because he could fit 1-1/2 fingers behind my heel when I slip my foot forward. Shop B)(Pure hockey) Skate fitter was sounding like he cared much about my fit. I thought the size 8 Vapor X600 fit really well in the forefoot and toe box width and I became fixated on that one item and forgot about heel lock. I bought the X600's, I probably should have gone for X500's for my limited used. Now that I am home I remembered to check for heel lock by pushing off on the carpet like I'm skating and finding that just left and right of center of my heel are rubbing on the boot because my heel is lifting up. It brought back memories of the last time I played hockey when I wore a friends skate and the backs of my heels were burning quickly due to my heel lifting. At this point I am thinking of going to the other pure hockey that is 1 hour away to try on more. I already bought the Ribcor Maxx 7.5EE online, coming Friday for me to try and send back if no good. Other skates I've tried are Nexus N7000 in 8 D and Supreme 160 in 8 D. I have been mostly limited by whats in stock at stores. Nexus were not the right fit on my foot and Supreme, too big. I'm almost ready to order online 7.5 EE's in CCM Jetspeed, Bauer Nexus, and Supreme and see what fits/return the rest. It's a crap shoot but I'm desperate at this point and want a pair of skates for this Saturday. If anyone can shed some light on what might fit I'd be interested. Thank you
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