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  1. I almost bought a Vapor X900 non grip. Its a 2015 model. I looked it up online and it says 470 grams. Its on clearance for $110. Then I looked up the current Vapor X700 "lite". It says 448 grams. Its also $110 at regular retail price with all options available. So which one is better? Ive found this similar situation with a few different brands and models now.
  2. I did a nice wrap down low for my lower hand last night and it made a HUGE difference. Im not sure why I never did that before, but its so much better, even with my old stiff gloves. I think once I get some better gloves and tape up my new stick it will work much better! Thanks for the tips guys! I really should have thought of that myself though lol...
  3. What do you mean about the Warrior pants? I liked the Tacks pants too. A couple people told me I NEED to try on some tacks shoulder pads, so Ill try those before I buy the Warrior AX1 I found.
  4. My accuracy came back pretty fast in the basement with the kids after almost 20 years. I tried using my old gloves, and all accuracy goes out the window. They are old, and probably never were great gloves. I remember always being able to shoot well messing around in the past, but the few drop in games in played with gloves I couldnt shoot well. In the basement, I notice the gloves limit me big time, maybe in the wristt and fingers both but hard to tell, and they are slipping on my non grip stick. I was going to buy some Vapor 900s. They feel great. I have never shot with them though. Are these going to fix the problem? Do I need a grip stick? I dont want one but now wonder if it might help. My bare hands dont slip, have control, and feel great. I want that feel with a glove on.
  5. I was able to get to a different store today. For shoulder pads they had a Supreme 170 and Warrior Dynasty AX2. The AX2 was on sale and fits pretty good. I didnt like the fit of the 170 as much compared to the Warriors, but seemed ok still. They didnt have any CCM Large in stock. What volume fit are the AX2 or AX3s? I don't have real wide shoulders so the L fit better even though Im 210, 6'1". As for pants I liked the Tacks and QLTs. Either would work fine. Maybe preferred the Tacks only by a little. I have more slim thighs I guess, but dont like a tight fit in pants so maybe thats why I liked the Tacks.
  6. I went through all my stuff again. Id say its all worth replacing except the Easton SP8200 shoulder pads. They fit fine still, maybe a little small, but dont look quite as dated or worn as the rest. My chin pads are cheap junk, elbows cheap, and pants dont fit, by a lot LOL.
  7. I was hoping to make a quicker trip than that by having a few in mind. It sounds like thats not how you guys do it. None of my old stuff matched either, but i probably bought what was decent and on sale when i was younger. I just ordered some gear for my 5/6 year olds from hockey monkey on sale. Nobody has much in stock local for them, so I got full sets of MX3s in each of their sizes (I got their skates, helmets, pants and gloves local). For me, I was thinking of just buying some sale items there and the rest local if anyone has them. It sounds like you guys think everything needs to be test fit first. Kind of tough with low stock locally. They said its the low stock season. The helmet I would certainly agree, I should have known that. All my motocross and MTB helmets are top shelf and I test fit them all. I do those sports more so I was used to it though. Im thinking the Bauer Reakt or Reakt 75. My old shoulder pads, easton SP8200 might work still. People seemed to like them and would save 100 bucks or more for now.
  8. Im mainly sticking w Bauer becasue there are SO MANY choices out there i needed to narrow things down. I went to my LHS last night and was surprised they didnt have even a matching set for a lot of things. Im 6'1" 210 lbs. I was only able to try on Nexus Large pants, no XL, and no Supremes in either size. What do most people wear, Nexus or Supreme pants? I don't like tight fit stuff so I assumed Id like the Nexus but couldnt even try the Surpemes, so I dont know how they fit. The Nexus in a large seemed fine, not sure if my size needs a XL. The chart says I do for height and weight, but not waist. I guess Im not sure if Im between sizes should you go bigger or smaller? The shoulder pads, the nexus just looks bulky so I tried a L Supreme (170 or 190). It seemed fine, but again they didnt have the XL. I'm in between sizes again. As for helmets the had a good selection, the Bauers from $120 and up felt great. The CCM Fitlite in a large didnt seem to fit me as well. Do you notice some helmets fit better than others. I went planing on buying the fitlite, but was surprised when it didnt fit as well.
  9. I got the Jetspeed 300s and they are perfect. Skated Sunday and Im glad I went with these.
  10. I have some like new gear that I bought new about 18-19 years ago. I already bought new skates, and I know I need a new helmet, and new pants, and gloves. What about older shoulder, shin, elbow pads? Have they changed that much to buy new for someone just messing around or a beer league? They look dated compared to the new stuff I guess, but would you run them or no? Shoulder pads are nice ish eastons, elbow and chin are probably a cheap set. If I need to get new I'm looking at something like S170/190/MX3. Dont know which ones are good enough. That line seems to be an in between type fit. I havent tried them on though I just bought new stuff for my 5 and 6 years olds getting started, all MX3 stuff. So now I looked at all my old gear....
  11. Ok I'm not sure which info was directed at me from my original question . So skate in them and punch them? Or just forget it use the ccms? If punching them is not a sure thing or takes a lot of breaking in I'll probably just skate in the ccms which on on the way now.
  12. Warrior Velvet grip? Is that still made or called something else?
  13. The shaft dimension is different on the surgeon, but not the stallion. I mostly like the grip texture of the finish on their matte stick. It's like a half grip. Anyone else make one like that?
  14. I went to my LHS to pick up a True A5.2 SBP, and they didn't have the right specs, or in the A4.5 SBP. They tried showing me some other sticks I wasn't interested in, except the Stallion and Surgeon. The matte finish on those is amazing. Its a much less grip and slightly textured feel to it. Does anyone use these? There isn't nearly as much talk about these models as most other brands. In my hands, a non grip feels more natural and normal than a grip finish. This matte that STX has is just perfect in the hands. Not sure how they play though or anything about them really.
  15. What is a good price on clearance for high end? I found some high end sticks for 150. The True A4.5SBP looked pretty good for 100.
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