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  1. I agree with the suspenders, but these don't have suspender buttons. i know i can install them, but i want to try other routes first. I ended up cutting the elastic that held the spine protector and the kidney protectors. Now the kidney protectors just flop around. So i will need to sew those down to something. I think these are just really poorly crafted pants in the department of the spine protector and the kidney protection.
  2. Well, I did get a partial refund. It wasnt the best situation, but it was okay, i guess. I ended up sanding the toe down a bit with a very fine grit sand paper. 2 weeks later i took a blade or skate to the middle of the blade and there is a huge gash in it now. I wonder if the chip letter moisture into the blade and softened it. Anyways, thanks for all of your guys/ help.
  3. What's up everyone, I was hoping for some advice in fixing the spine protector with my Bauer Apx2 Pants. For some reason on the Apx2s, the belt and spine protector are different than the x60s (only talking about the Vapor line pants). The spine protector is always in a forward leaning position (see attached). The problem with the spine protector leaning forward is that my shoulder pads can never sit right. Typically the back of the shoulder pad goes close to your body and the spine protector goes over it (picture of ovi attached), but with mine, the spine protector leans so far forward to my back that it doesn't allow my shoulder pads to sit and causes them to rise up. https://imgur.com/a/ShGe4sD Any suggestions? Do I have to remove the protector? I am not sure what else to do. Also, I did stitch 420d nylon over the flames stripes. So that is pretty cool Thanks in advance
  4. Hey guys, i recently bought an adv dressed as a 1x lite on sideline swap. After messaging back and forth with the seller, he assured me there were no chips in the toe/blade. 3 days later the stick shows up with a chip. I wanted to ask everyone’s advice if I shouldn’t make a big deal of it and if it can be repaired. I was thinking maybe I could sand it down just a hir? I don’t think I will get my money back, so I am trying to salvage it. https://imgur.com/gallery/VbUyqB3 there are pics of it Thanks!!!
  5. Update: I found a pair of Bauer x60/apx L+1 Calgary Flames Pants. They are a tad big in the waist, the length is pretty good. (I got the plus one because i like to wear my pants high on my waist). What I do notice though is that it seems that my shoulder pads and the waist meet don't sit well together. The pants almost force the shoulders to raise up. I was thinking that may suspenders might help this?
  6. Hey, thanks for the comment. I was trying to avoid retail because of the fit of retail pants. Im always between sizes. Larges are too big and mediums are too short.
  7. Were your Apx2 pants Pro Stocks? I am begging to think that the pro-stock waist might fit differently. I was doing some more research and found out some more info on what size the pros were wearing in my similar height and weight. For Example these Stamkos vapor pants http://www.gamewornauctions.net/products/Steven_Stamkos_Tampa_Bay_Lightning_Game_Worn_Pants_2015_16_2016_17_Photo_Match-13873-279.html are a L+1 and i really like the longer and tapered fit of his pants. I was also doing more research and finding that guys on the caps like Bowey, Burkaovsky, and Chaison wear a large in the HP45 Pants. So i am thinking maybe my tru pro stock size is a Large
  8. Hey Guys, This is my first post here, so please let me know if anything I've written can be found elsewhere. I was looking for a pro stock pair of hockey pants, but i dont have the ability to try them on, so i am relying on your guys advice for sizing and which model. I am searching for a tapered fit pant, but i am always running into sizing issues. I am 6'1 and 175 with a 32 waist. The problem I am always running into is length with adequate sizing at the waist. I know that they make extensions, but what i have noticed with the extensions is that it drops the entirety of the pants and it feels like it does quite fit right on the hips. I tried out a pair of X900 Medium with the 1 inch extension, but the interlock waist system felt so awkward. I am currently in a pair of CCM QLT Large, but they feel big all over except for length. What pro stock pants would you guys recommend? I have have been looking at nexus (i know that they have a wider fit, but i saw they made a "tall" version), vapor pants, warrior covert or hustler, hp30, hp45, hp UCLX. Would you recommend a Medium with +1 (does the +1 mean the legs are extednded or you can drop an inch at the waist) or maybe Large? I am not too familiar with the different model numbers with CCM and the HPs. I was thinking about these: https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/pants/314705-bauer-dallas-stars-pro-stock-vapor-pant Thanks in advance!
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