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  1. Correct. More wear resistant that colored red, blue., etc. blades that are cosmetic only.
  2. Hi Thanos, Byonic DNA Superblack coated blades are electroplated for enhanced edge retention. Unlike the colored blades that are cosmetic only. Regards, Team Byonic.
  3. Correct. Junior size currently available for Bauer Edge Holders only. DNA coated to be available mid-August. Thank you for your inquiry.
  4. I chose to split the difference between ls2 and ls4. I believe it's the ideal height. With the patent profile it's taller and lighter than the equivalent ls2.
  5. 1. The patent upper profile design in combination with the blades being 1.5 mm shorter than LS4. 2. Material composition 3. .1-.2 Ra super polished surface finish and precision laser cut profile. 4. Approx. 20-25% better edge retention.
  6. I like to use the analogy of Stilts or heels. The higher your center of mass is from the ground the more difficult it would be to balance yourself.
  7. The new holders are also taller. The Bauer Edge holder is 3mm taller than previous holder and the CCM Speedblade holder is 4mm taller than previous holder. Adding even more height by using a taller blade would negatively effect stability and balance.
  8. All Byonic Skate Blades come precision laser cut with our patent "xLite" upper profile design for optimal balance, quickness and control. The lower blade height (.040 -.050 < LS4) we feel is the ideal choice for maximum stability, turning and explosive pivoting. All our blades are made out of high strength certified stainless steel with added Molybdenum for max edge life and impact resistance, with a hardness range 52-56 HRC. We also offer a "Superpolished" surface finish (Ra = 0.1-.0.2 microns) for optimum glide, increased speed, energy conversation and maneuverability. The colour coated blades are "Cosmetic" only and do wear easily especially when coming in contact with other skates. They offer the same performance benefits as our brushed steel. We are currently working on methods to improve durability of our Gen 1 colour coated blades.
  9. What some are saying about Byonic Blades: Drew Wore my blades last night and absolutely love them by far the best blades I have skated on!!! Also have a customer testing them out as we speak. Cody Great blades guys I really really love the design of them nicest sounding blades I have ever skated on and I cut harder then ever I am going to endorse these amazing blades. I am currently wanting to switch all my 2 sets of Step steel into Byonic blades. Kim First of all, Thanks you for the blades, they made the skates look amazing! I have tried them on now and i can only say that i just love them. superb grip! I have only skated for about 2 hours with them, but the edge still look as good as new A lot of my teammates have looked at the blades and they are very interesting in them, so hopefully you will sell a lot when the season starts up again Nick R, LOVE THE BLADES BUDDY!!! Better than Tydan! Hi S, I was just going to email you today. Jack used them in a practice and just did an open skate on Saturday, because his team had been off the ice for a few days. Well he absolutely loves the Byonic blades. At the open skate he was flying on them. We interchanged them with the LS4's a few different times and he went full out on both and said he prefers the Byonic blades to the LS4. He said he feels like he has more control, acceleration, speed and feels a slight difference in weight. My wife and I could both see a difference in the way he was skating from one to the other. She was actually saying we should do a little clip of him skating on them and post it on the Byonic's instagram as Jack is following them. I was going to ask you if there was any chance of getting him another set? I like to keep it consistent for Jack with the same runners. Lmk. Thanks again, Scot. Drew
  10. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I couldn't agree more with points 1 and 3. I neglected to mention that all our blades are precision laser cut and come with 9-10 contour out of the box. All blades identically matching. If you have a minute please visit our instagram page. I provide more detailed specifics on the effects of weight savings. We bench marked our design to be better than Step and Tydan,which I feel are excellent products. My goal is to provide the best blade on the market at a fair price. The Colors are simply cosmetic and provide an option for those who may want something different. We will also be working with organizations during fundraising for events such as pink in the rink.
  11. Byonic Blades are up to 40% lighter than leading OEM and aftermarket blades (Patent XLITE upper profile design). Certified high strength stainless reinforced with Molybdenum for meximum edge life and impact resistance. Superpolished surface finish for optimum glide and speed transfer. and offered in various colors.
  12. Let me know if you've heard of @ByonicSkateBlades and your thoughts on skate blades in general. Check us out www.bbyonic.com.
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