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  1. I have acquired the correct pads. They turned out to be from a Hallman USA chest protector.
  2. Not necessarily true. Although Disney did indeed use Cooper SK2000 helmets and I've managed to acquire one of those for my project, they used Jofa for several of the shoulder/bicep pads and motocross gear for other characters' "armor". I've found the correct Jofa pads for Tron biceps but still trying to find the correct Jofa shoulder pads in the proper size. Sark's pads are not the same as Tron's. Thank you all for the history information on hockey pads - no, I'm not being sarcastic! I started looking up vintage motocross chest protectors and many of them look more to what I'm seeking than hockey gear, and what you've described about hockey pads in the late 70's early 80's correlates with that. So I guess I'll look for some motocross "experts" to see if they recognize the pads so I can know what I'm supposed to be looking for. Thanks!
  3. Yes, the pic is of the actual shoulder pad costume part for Sark from TRON. I am trying to identify them for a project and thought I'd try here where there are probably people who know hockey gear way more than I do. The closest matches I've seen so far are old Bauer and CCM pads but they aren't quite exact. So you think motocross instead of hockey? Disney used both in the costumes development.
  4. I am trying to find a set of shoulder pads like in the attached picture but nothing is matching up. These would be considered "vintage", pre-1982 and either hockey or motocross gear. I was thinking maybe someone here who really knows gear might recognize it and point me in the right direction with at least a brand name. Thanks!
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