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  1. Great idea! i am going to try that with my true's!
  2. Yikes. Quick question, i know True said they cut weight down by 15%. the steel height looks significantly shorter than the last model. Could that be where they cut the 15%?
  3. Just picked up some speed plates 2.0's and want to heat them up. Can I do this at home? I have heard different comments about temperature and process. I prefer not to heat up the whole boot if possible. What's the best way to do this?
  4. I agree with you. However, a 20% increase is still a 20% increase. Custom isn't the perfect solution but people think it is. It requires minor tweaks just like any other skate. I would have kept my True's if I didn't have this bone spur on the inside of my ankle bone. The ankle bone runs right by the eyelet which isn't soft and causes more bone growth. Right now its the size of a half marble. My cells think it's a fracture so it kept growing. Here were the main reasons why I ditched my True's after 12 months. Again, this is specific to me. They are great skates... 1. Inside padding is too firm for my ankle injury. Adding any extra padding or a gel pad actually creates more pressure and hurts worse. 2. Bauer has an asymmetrical design so my inside ankle bone sits on what feels like a memory foam pillow. I like that. 3. The rivets just keep coming lose in the Trues.... like all the dang time. I'm only 205 lbs 4. I haven't read any complaints on Bauer rivets but I will continue to remove my insoles after playing. 5. I love the True tongue with the tendon guard... I went to the 2x Pro because the tongue was similar. Both are nice @Nicholas G why do you go with SpeedPlates? The True footbeds are custom to your foot. Just curious.
  5. True... but what about going from $600 (Bauer 2x) to $1100? That’s quite a jump. Let’s not forget $200 is still a good amount of money going from 2x Pro to Custom. My problem with Custom is I was sort of hoping the skate fit well when it arrived. However, on my True’s I ended up adding padding on the toe and tweaking them anyway. Going with stock you know exactly what you’re buying and I would argue that the consistency in build quality is exactly the same. The sore feet I have with breaking in skates is nothing like it was 20 years ago... not even close. I would always recommend buying something off the shelf that is comfortable. Save yourself the money and put it toward skating lessons.
  6. Can someone tell me which laces come with True skates? I absolutely love them.
  7. Today I went out with my brand new Bauer's. Note that I usually play with a 3 degree pitch as I like to be on my toes. I wanted to try what a stock skate blade would feel like so I left them in.... turns out it was horrible for me as I am too far on my heels. Fortunately, I had extra steel with me that has forward pitch so I swapped in at the rink. I felt pretty good until i got a bit too confident even though I wasn't quite used to the boot and ended up eating $hit. Now mind you I am like every player on here who has played 25+ years, an absolute beast on skates, and am in the international beer league hall of fame. However, I was humbled by new skates. Guess I am not Crosby after all. I will go back to icing my elbow now. Damn it hurts.
  8. Do you think that players somewhat new to the sport have unrealistic expectations when it comes to skate comfort? You know, like people freaking out over quarter size differences and going custom when that's pretty normal and nothing a foam insert wouldn't solve? Or a little bit of foot pain when trying new skates out of the box? When I tired on the 2x Pro I had to think back to what it felt like getting new skates and most importantly, would they break in. The answer was yes, heat em and skate a few times, they should adjust just fine. I get there are people with weird feet. I consider myself that kind of person as I had to wear Graf's for a long time. However, all skate manufacturers have come a long way. Ok, now if you will excuse me, I need to get back to making my highlight reel to send to other local beer leagues.
  9. I had True's for exactly 12 months and bought Vapor 2x Pro's last night. The first pair the liner separated from the inside so True made me a new pair. The new pair has had a hell of a time keeping rivets. A friend of mine is an equipment manager for a minor league team and he said they have to replace rivets all the time because the bedding of the True doesn't allow the rivets to bite into the material. We put copper in a few spots to help with the problem. However, I switched to stock/off the shelf Bauer Vapor 2x Pro for a completely different reason. Basically, my ankle bone has additional bone growth on it from taking two slapshots on it over the years. First problem with True, and I know this is specific to me, is the padding isn't soft enough. The inside forms nicely to my foot but it irritates my inside ankle bone. Second reason, the eyelet pattern is very close to the ankle bone in my case. My ankle almost sits on the eyelet. Soooo.... I went to Bauer because the asymmetrical design allows my weird ankle bone to sit right in a bed of memory foam. And to be honest, they fit pretty damn good for not being custom. I will always recommend True, they are great skates. However, I believe most of us on here might be overbuying when it comes to skates... me included. Total side note, but I notice a lot of people on here and in product reviews always say they play advanced level, grew up on the east coast, play 5x a week and are on the ice 5 hours a day. Nobody ever admits they play mid-level beer league once a week. We are all all-stars I guess.
  10. your reply make me laugh..... cool story bro, tell it one more time...hahah
  11. My shop is 2 hours away and the reason I had to have them remade.... not going to the shop to introduce a middleman when I can go straight to the source. I get your point though.
  12. I received a few one sentence replies but thats really all I needed or expected. Not that you are expecting a novel, but think about the amount of skates that are being made globally by these guys. I wrote what the issues were with my first skates in number format (listed like 4 things) and they fixed all of them. I kept it short and wasn't surprised they did either. Also, I never called, just emailed. Regarding the holder size, trust their judgement, why would a professional skate maker not just throw on what you already had if it wasnt correct? Side note, most people have different sized feet? It could be that one big foot throws you into the next size? My right side is a little shorter than my left so I put one of the pads there and it was great. Just remember they are hockey skates and not ballet slippers (not trying to be a jerk). As for the instep, I have flat feet and know what you mean. I got used to it and like that they keep me from pronating. Tweak the insoles and try some different ones and you will be good.
  13. I had to have my first pair of skates remade because of the liner (LHS fault). True responded to my email in 24 hours. It took 2 weeks to have new skates made and they came back flawless via 2 day shipping. I also needed some small parts like an additional red footbed liner, and toe inserts ( i like my toes crammed in there), they responded within 24 hours and they paid to have the parts I needed shipped 2 days fedex to California. I agree with IPv, saying they are "known for poor communication" is complete "nonsense". Here is my worry about True.... We are ALL amateurs here. They are catering to an audience of novices. I don't care if you played juniors or been playing 100 years, we are not pro's or have ever been in the NHL. With that said, I believe we are all chasing what we *THINK* a custom pro-skate feels like but we really don't have the slightest clue as we were never pro's. I get they can make mistakes but lets be honest here and give them the credit they deserve, they make an incredible product backed by a hell of a warranty. My worry is our nit-picky requests are mostly unwarranted and could ultimately strain their positive operation which hurts their business. Ok, boo on me, but I should let you know I am a damn star on my beer league team so I know best (kidding of course)!
  14. I will see if I can find accurate weights in other posts
  15. I had an issue with my liner having a blister in it. Essentially the inside was delaminating after about playing 12 times. I was also having issue where my bone spur is on the inside of my skate. I contacted True and they patched them within a week. I live in California so sending them to the east and back that quickly was pretty cool. The patch started to come off so True decided to make me a whole new pair of skates. Their service is awesome. I do think the average Joe, maybe me included, expects too much from custom skates. The only reason why maybe they remade mine is because the integrity was compromised. A word of advice.... USE A SHOEHORN when molding them. I wasn't given one at my LHS when I heat molded them. I didnt know this was required. This is what caused all the problems.
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