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  1. As far as I'm aware, none of the dimensions changed when it comes to height or how it attaches to the boot.
  2. Was it an actual FT2 or just a graphics update do you suppose?
  3. Do you think it would be worthwhile replacing the SB4.0 on my Super Tacks AS1's?
  4. Does anybody have any idea when XS Holders will be available for purchase?
  5. What difference does that actually make other than the yellow stickers on the inside? Is there a physical difference? They’re the same price.
  6. What’s the actual difference between the VR24 and VR25 visors? Does anybody know?
  7. I HATED the uniforms when they were first revealed but they have grown on me. I like the sparkly gold stripes, I think it does a good job representing the "glitz & glamour" style of Las Vegas. The one thing I think is awesome though are the AWAY uniforms. Those white gloves are FIRE!!!
  8. I contacted them. 965's are sold ONLY to the NHL. The only way you can get one is to pay $12.99 for an official game puck. However, the only real difference between the 965 and 960 is the fact that the 965 has the NHL shield on the edge of the puck. The NHL teams use 960 pucks for practice and the 960 is the game puck of the AHL. I'm in the process of setting up a business account with them to order some 960's.
  9. Sure, you found some information on there...please, show me the link where you can ORDER them...
  10. It was nothing I did on purpose. I haven’t messed with the text formatting. No worries.
  11. I didn’t highlight anything...
  12. Not all but some European manufacturers use tires as one source of rubber. This means small rocks and other stuff can make their way into the final puck. As the puck wears away a rock can be exposed and that will break the glass really easy.
  13. I would highly doubt they are Canadian 960’s but it would be awesome if you checked. I’d bet they are 965’s IF they are even Canadian. I bought a bucket from Pure and they were InGlasCo Slovakian pucks.
  14. I spoke with Howie himself today, their pucks are sourced from Europe. He’s sending me a couple as a sample. I guess all or most of the NCAA D1 teams use them.
  15. I edited my original post to clarify. I'm not sure Howie's are Sher-wood/InGlasCo 960 or 965.
  16. Does anybody know where to order Sher-wood/InGlasCo 960 or 965 Canadian pucks? I can find the Slovakian ones all over the place.
  17. This is the best they can do?!? Or, did I do something wrong? if I didn’t do anything wrong you would think they would have engineered a small wedged spacer or a bevel to the lower edges of the slots. Its irritating that the visor moves as you tighten the screws due to uneven pressure....or should I say total lack of pressure on half of the screw.
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