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  1. That makes sense. I'll just give it some time to see if that sensation goes away after a few more skates. These skates really do fit and feel different than anything else. The heel lock is incredible and it feels like the entire boot is giving your foot a hug. I think it's hard to describe the sensation accurately because the fit is extremely tight and close, but the actual boot and tongue also feels like it's cushioning your foot at the same time. I suppose this is what a proper fit with minimal negative fit feels like, as opposed to a mix of tight spots and loose spots in a regular boot feels like. Anyone else find that the overall subject feel, aside from "fitting well", feels different than any other high end skate they've used?
  2. I finally got a chance to get my first skate on my new Trues. Definitely feels different than any other skate I've ever had, and in a good way. The skate was very comfortable. The only thing I noticed after being on them for a while was my arches were a bit sore. This may just go away with time, but I have a new pair of yellow Superfeet sitting around and I may try them in the skates with the regular insoles removed. Anyone tried Superfeet insoles in True skates? Good or bad idea with the sole of the skate being somewhat shaped to the foot already?
  3. Mine had to be sent back to True today after the tongue assembly detached from the toe cap during the initial heat molding. Hopefully the same “rocket ship” you experienced will take them to Winnipeg and back in a hurry!
  4. Thanks, JR. I signed up with a new account on here recently, but have been on this site since for around a decade and always appreciate your posts.
  5. I’ve read everything in the Prosharp section, and I’m aware of the current MSH offering regarding trying different Prosharp profiles. It’s a great idea but not practical living in Calgary to buy 3 sets of steel and ship them back and forth to the United States. We have very good shops in the city, so It makes more sense to have them profiled at my LHS and then have them reprofiled if I want to try something different. That’s why I asked Nicholas what he’d suggest as a starting profile, given he seems to be an expert regarding Prosharp.
  6. Yes, agree with that. Nicholas, I know you suggested to try the new skates with the out of the box profile but I'd like to try out this quad profile out of interest. If it feels bad, I'll just try something else or go back to the stock radius. You seem to know the most about Prosharp profiles of anyone around here. If I am going to go ahead and try one, would you suggest the quad 0, 1 or 2 to start? Thanks.
  7. It might be better not to have it. Seeing guys getting their skates finished and shipped out when they went into production at the same time as yours just leads to constant email and status checking hoping that yours will be done as well. If you're impatient like I am you may not want the status updates, lol.
  8. You should have entered, or your LHS should have entered, your email address into the True system with your skate order. You then get an email that links to your order, and they also email you important updates on progress.
  9. That's a fair point. Winnipeg to Calgary should be reasonably quick. Still no update on mine being finished but I feel like it has to be any day now...
  10. Is there a guideline as to how often they should be refreshed, i.e. every 10, 20, 50, etc. sharpenings?
  11. I read somewhere that after profiling skates should be regularly sharpened on a ProSharp machine to avoid having the profile ruined. This isn’t an issue as my LHS has a ProSharp machine. However, I typically get a FBV sharpening. Can I have a ProSharp quad profile done and continue to get FBV sharpening without ruining the profile?
  12. Ouch. That makes it that much harder to wait. You and I have identical dates on every step...except yours are finished!
  13. One week and still in production...I keep hoping I’ll get the email saying that they’re done. Lol. Waiting is the worst.
  14. I’m wondering what ProSharp quad profile would be the best starting point for myself? I’ve read a lot about the quad options and I think 0.5 would likely be the best but unfortunately it seems like the shops in the area have the 0, 1, and 2 templates but not the 0.5. I’m 6’0”, 190 lbs, 33 years old and have been playing most of my life, typically as a winger. I’m not an amazing skater but I’m pretty decent. I just ordered some True skates and they’ll have either 272 or 280 runners depending on what “size” they make the skates as. Thoughts on whether to start with quad 0, 1, or 2? For what it’s worth I’ve never profiled before and have always used my Bauer, Graf, or CCM steel as is from the box.
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