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  1. I’ve used all the higher end wheels, from Revision, to Lebada to Rink Rat. I’ve been playing on a sport court tile surface. I’ve also tried windex. Doesn’t really do much for the grip itself. Just cleans the dust off the wheels to make it less worse.
  2. I’ve had issues for years and years with grip for inline wheels. I’m 38, so I’ve been playing for a while. As a lighter player, around 150lbs, I’ve always used the softest wheels I could find, generally like a 74a. They always work great when I get a new pair. Stopping, starting, turning, cutting, it’s all there and I play my best hockey during these times. However, after about 5-8 games, that outer layer of tackiness completely wears off, and then I can’t make the same cuts anymore, my acceleration starts to lack and I can’t make any hard stops without sliding a few feet. It’s really frustrating. I’ve been looking for a solution forever, that doesn’t require me to spend $90+ on a new set of wheels after every 8 games. I’ve experimented trying different things. Cleaning them, gets rid of some of the dust, but doesn’t really give me back that effect I want. I’ve tried a few craft sprays, the Sonic Grip Juice and even tried hairspray due to its tackiness, but that actually made the wheel more slick. In short, has anyone else ran into this problem as frequently as I have, and has anyone come up with a “homemade” solution to re-add an outter layer of tackiness to get that grip back without shelling out a ton of money to keep replacing wheels? I’m game for any options. Thanks.
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