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  1. It would be great if you could send some side by side pics!
  2. I don't have experience in calling them about this stuff but do they usually answer questions like these, especially about pro stock?
  3. Thank for calling CCM for us! Did you also ask about the P90TM? Or will that not be on a retail stick at all?
  4. If you wouldn't mind, could you take some photos?
  5. That's nice! I personally don't think it looks like a mix between the P92 and the p28, as it still looks more like a mid than a toe curve
  6. Could it perhaps suggest that the P30 is actually pretty different to the Benn then? Just curious, did you read somewhere that P30 = P90T? Definitely a very interesting chart - thanks for that!
  7. Is there a difference between the Benn P90T and the P30 then? CCM already makes the P30, so if they were so similar it wouldn't make sense to do both right?
  8. Holy crap that is beautiful. What brand/when is it going to be released? I'm guessing that's basically the Benn Pro Curve.
  9. For the P28, I found that I had to compensate a lot after the release, is that not as significant with the P30?
  10. What technique are you talking about specifically? Is it the follow through or hand positioning etc?
  11. I've been trying to see what kinda curve Kucherov uses, but I couldn't find any info online. Do you guys have any idea? Thanks in advance.
  12. That's really cool. Is that a Malkin pro stock? If it is, I thought he's a right-handed shot?
  13. I've been between this, the P46 and the P30. Anything to sway me to one side?
  14. Not doubting you in any way but is there any reason why it would seem like a P14 in pictures? Also, does the P30 play similarly to the P28? Literally just looking for a P28 that's slightly more closed. Thanks!
  15. These two are often the ones that come up the most but I've seen websites saying equating the P14 to the P30 and others equating the P14 to the P46. What are the differences between the P46 and the P30 and which is more similar to a P28 but only with a more closed toe?
  16. I've been playing with the P28 recently and I love it a lot especially when in tight. Farther out, however, it's harder to be accurate with it (I know it comes from training, but my stick broke anyways). So I was wondering if there was a curve similar to the P28 in length and toe, but is not as open? I quite enjoy the pocket but it's way too open for far shots. I've used a P14 before but I found it too short and the toe was too square. Currently looking at the P46 but other suggestions are definitely welcome Brand doesn't really matter here, as long as it serves its purpose. Thanks!
  17. I've been using the P28 for ball hockey a while now and my mid range snap shots go very high from no matter how much I curl the stick back down in the follow through. However, I do like the stickhandling and the backhand capabilities. I've previously used the Bauer P14 but I found the blade too short for stickhandling. Currently, I'm looking at either the CCM P46, the CCM P30 or the Warrior W71. I am a Center/Winger who takes 90% snap shots and 10% slap shots and right now I can only take snaps in close because of the crazy lift that I get from the P28. I'm the shoot first type of player so being able to shoot accurately is a big plus for me (I know that comes through training, but it's hard to change form after so many years + time for a new stick anyways) Could you guys share your experience of using the P46, P30 and W71 and possibly how it compares with the P28? Doesn't have to be ball hockey but can be ice hockey as well. Other suggestions are welcome too! Thanks in advance!
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