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  1. To me, D nexus felt sloppy compared to the EE Supremes. I don't know if I agree with your statement.
  2. I gotta ask - Bauer skates? I ditched my stock insoles - they seemed to have too much arch buildup with the foam.
  3. I actually initially bought the S29s in a 9D at the local shop - 9D Nexus i tried (whatever model is at that $300ish price point) felt sloppy inside in the forefoot, but my toe was just brushing the tip of the toe cup. At the time they (the 9D s29's) fit decent - not perfect, a little tightness here and there, but I attributed that to needing to break in and figured it would be tolerable for a few sessions till the foam settled in. Had them baked, and they felt snug as a bug. This was Saturday morning....Sunday morning I tried them on in the house and thought the felt tight. Took them to open skate that afternoon, and went 10 mins - couldn't get them off fast enough. I returned them, but the local shop doesn't stock EE's, so I went up to the Bauer Experience store (owned by Pure Hockey), where I was scanned, and the arrow was right on middle between Supreme EE and Nexus (not sure what width). I'm starting to dabble with looser tied skates. My old CCMs were pretty soft, and the tongue was basic (just felt). I could wrench on those laces, and they contoured my foot like a pair of Red Wing boots. But they were cheap skates, not bakeable, etc, but surprisingly never got lacebite. I'm finding out with my S29's that the only point in the lacing that truly matters the most is the eyelet where the ankle bends - if I get that reasonably snug, the heel stays put. I'm going to try to shape it a little more, and make sure the leading and trailing edges have a little more roll to them so they don't dig. I just got off the neighborhood outdoor rink with the kiddo, and no bite on the foot as usual, but the heel felt sloppy cause i didn't tie them very tight. I'm still using one lace in the skate. I think I might have to order a couple pairs of those lace locks. They look like they might achieve what i need. And that makes total sense about the hooks. Thanks for pointing that out.
  4. I'll have to try your suggestions. I did try to "roll" the tongue - maybe I'll try the heat gun a bit. Nevertheless, thank you for sharing your experience. I like to see the "tinkering" stories and skate modifications!
  5. But my lace bite problems aren't on the lower shin/ankle, like where most people have lace bite pain. My pain is closer to the middle of the foot to the big toe - so I don't think those extenders will do much for me. I did see those Skate Locks - but if the ankle is laced tighter than the bottom of the foot, won't the laces want to pull through the locks? I am still curious why hockey skates don't use speed hooks on the ankles.
  6. Yeah, fitted and baked at Bauer Experience in Bloomington, MN. Scanner put me right on the line between Nexus and Supreme - Nexus felt sloppy, so settled on Supreme 9 EE. Pencil test passes all the way, just barely. I think I'll pull the laces out of my old skates and try the twin lace method, and see what happens.
  7. Supreme S29. Here's some pics of the tongue: Imgur Album I'll definitely try the lacing first. I attached the pics to show the plastic guard that's in the tongue....but yeah, i really don't want to do surgery on brand new skates. It just seems that if it was half the thickness, and twice the width - it would be far more effective.
  8. I take it back, it's outside in. I'm not sure, but from reading here it seems commonly recommended. The two lace idea is worth a try. So simple...but should achieve what I need. I'm almost convinced that the plastic strip in the Bauer tongue (under the mesh strip) is what is causing the pain. It seems raised above the tongue, so all lace pressure is put right on it - which then transfers right to a narrow area on the top of the foot. Any idea if I made a slit in the mesh whether it could be pulled out?
  9. I'm tinkering with the lacing of my new Supremes - my tendon that runs along the top the foot to the big toe gets shooting pain when skating. But if I loosen them up, my heel has that loose feeling. Any tricks to lace my boot so the first 5 or so eyelets are relaxed, but tighter through the ankle - and stay that way through a skate session? I am currently laced inside out to reduce tongue pressure. And I pass the pencil test. Slightly unrelated question - but why do figure skates have "speed hooks" on the ankle eyelets, but not hockey skates? It would seem to have an advantage on hockey skates where I could tie off before the hooks, then lace through the hooks - essentially creating two different zones of lace tension that wouldn't change throughout a game.
  10. Do your kids Bauer's have that stupid plastic metatarsal guard strip running up the tongue? I ask because I have pain on the top of my foot with my new Bauer's - not lace bite at the ankle; I think my problem is directly due to pressure from that plastic strip in the tongue. I haven't got brave enough to do surgery to my new skates yet though.
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