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  1. Quick update - I took the jump and went for the NXG's with the Speedplate 2.0 inserts. Started to feel good after my fourth time out on them. These things make skating feel like a whole different experience. I guess I just never realized how poorly sized my old X40's were, but these are really helping my confidence on the ice. I also hadn't realized the first time I looked at them in store that the pair they had on clearance were NXG Pro's, so these came with the LS3 steel and a different tongue, eliminating the composite tongue insert. All in all, I think I got a pretty great deal on a skate that is way more of a skate than I would ever be able to justify buying new. Thanks again guys for all the feedback!
  2. @Nicholas G that being the case, would you consider it a deal breaker on the NXG? Or is a repair on tendon guards reasonable enough to take the chance over the similarly priced S29 (NXG at $280 vs S29 at $329)? Thanks again for the input, everyone!
  3. Would anyone consider the tendon guard issue a deal breaker? Or is that something worth the risk for this skate for under $300? Tendon guards look to be a replaceable part in the little bit of searching I did, but I'd be glad to hear your thoughts. I'm not overly concerned about the steel. Looks to be a cheap upgrade, if necessary. Thanks again for the advice!
  4. What's the issue with the tendon guard?
  5. Thanks, Mark. I agree. Being my first go-round with a thermoformable skate, I'm unsure what is "too tight" vs how the skate will form around my foot after baking. That's probably why the EE feels more comfortable, but I'm thinking I would be best served to go with a D width, after reading what althoma1 said. Thanks for the advice! I will definitely do that, and try wearing the NXG for a longer period of time. I would consider the D width to have only mild pressure points in the supremes, but the Vapors that I tried on were probably too narrow. To this point, I've tried Tacks, Jetspeeds, Nexus and Vapors, and I still like the feel of the Supremes to this point. None of the 3 stores I've been to have had the Ribcore in my size. In my searching, I've found the S180's online, but nowhere close to me has them in store to try on. I'm going back to that store next week to try out the NXG again, and I'll go from there. Thank you! Thanks, cavs019. I appreciate the advice, and that's what I just wasn't sure about with the molding process. I also tried a set of speedplates in the NXG, and that made them feel even better. I think the arch support from the speedplates were helpful. This is probably a dumb question, but would a skate from 2012 still be honored under any sort of manufacturers warranty, since purchased new in box?
  6. I'm in my 3rd session of beer league over 30 after playing roller hockey for about 15 years (haven't played league hockey for about 10 years). I'm currently on X40's that are a little large and they're absolutely killing my feet. I cracked a holder a couple weeks back, and thought it would be a good opportunity to upgrade. I've been looking at the S29's, which are about the top of my price range. I was at a local shop this weekend trying on a pair of S29's, and the guy helping me said he had a deal I might be interested in - he brought out a pair of clearance totalone nxg's in my size that are on sale for less than the S29. How much of an adjustment is it going to be jumping from an unmoldable $120 skate to an upper tier (albeit slightly vintage) NXG? A couple guys have told me that the boot may be extremely stiff for someone that hasn't ice skated for all that long, but I'm interested to hear some more opinions. The only issue with the NXG is that I liked the feel of the EE width in the S29, but the NXG is a D. Should I take the leap for the NXG, or just go for the more current S29? Been reading a ton on here about the NXG the last couple days. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
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