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  1. Thanks for the comments guys. I'll have to start contacting manufacturers about Team sticks and see if there's a match there. I'm having no luck at all even finding wholesalers, let alone contacting them. I did find one within Canada, but they stopped talking to me once they found out I didn't own a retail store. I'd still like to leave the wholesaler door open if for no other reason than to find out exactly how cheap sticks get.
  2. It seems from what I've read so far that Team series sticks or wholesalers are my options worth looking into here. Do you have any idea the typical costs involved with Team series sticks (or purchasing retail sticks wholesale)?
  3. Hey guys, Came across this site searching for tips on buying hockey sticks in bulk. Unfortunately the relevant thread was from back in 2012, so I'm hoping there are some guys around who can point me in the right direction. A close friend of mine runs a small pickup beer league game where all the players know each other pretty well. I had a random thought the other day: what if we all teamed up and made a large bulk order of sticks together? Surely we could "unlock" similar discounts that are normally reserved for semi-professional teams? Anyways, I have no idea if this is a viable plan or not so I'm hoping someone can drop some knowledge here for me. What kind of discounts should I be expecting on top-end sticks when ordering 50-100 sticks at a time? Should I be approaching brands like Warrior/Sher-Wood/Bauer, or certain distributors? Any other tips on getting the very best deal through buying in bulk is much appreciated. I've been thinking about this for a while but am unsure how to proceed.
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