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  1. I have never used Tydan and that's good to hear that they are par with Step...
  2. I agree,but only on the DLC blades blacksteel...if you go with the stainless steel or the Mirrior finish blades prices are reasonable..Even with Step I had the Black steel runners and also Step vsteel(Mirrior)runners the only difference I found was the Blacksteel runners did not show nicks and scratches like the Mirrior runners do,other than that edge life was the same every 3 or 4 games or practices I would re sharpen them..
  3. Got the Tydan Mirror Xs runners $100 a pair,pick up 2 pairs...
  4. Got the Mirior Tydan Xs runners $100 a pair,got 2 pairs
  5. I just pulled the trigger on 2 pairs of Tydan Xs runners,my first time to try Tydan,been with Step for 4 years but since Step does not have my size in stock will try Tydan...Hope they are good as Step...will find out soon
  6. Thank you very much Mike for all your help for trying to find me step Xs runners in size 230..i have No choice to switch Company's due to availability Thanks Again George
  7. Hi Mike Called them and they don't have any in Step ProXs blacksteel in size 230 ,I also ask my local store(Hockey supremacy)about them Step Xs blacksteel they told me that they had place order in December 2018 and there is no P.o. number for the next 3 weeks from Step(meaning no orders coming in)...we start training camp next week looks like I am going to have to change from Step.. Thank You George
  8. I need runners and Step does not have the size yet in stock but Tydan has them,but I have never used Tydan before .Does anyone one know if Tydan will be as good or even better than Step...or just wait for Step to get the runner size back in stock...
  9. Has anyone used Tydan Xs runners...are they the same height as the Step Xs runners..
  10. Hi Mike Ok perfect I will give them a call,my last resort.. Thank You George
  11. Would you know the places that would have them now...i need runners we start training camp and I really DON'T want to change from Step to another brand...
  12. Hi Mike Would you be able to tell me when the Step Xs Blacksteel size 230 will be available.
  13. Hi Sent you a couple of pics,look at the difference on the two blades scratch wise on the two blades. Thanks
  14. Yap that's what my hockey store use on the VSteel from the start when they ordered the steel...i was just looking on the Blacksteel from Com that were previous on the holders and honestly the Ccm Blacksteel have less scratches than the Step V steel..to bad I can't post pictures...
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