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  1. I forgot to mention I don't like how super stiff but also heavy the trues are.
  2. Hey guys, thanks for the response. I forgot to mention I don't like super stiff skates. The true's are cheaper and seem like a great product obviously, but seem incredibly stuff when I hold them. Heavy too. I think I have my heart set on the 80k, but trying to decide if it's really worth the extra 600 for a size 12 left boot and a size 10 right boot. thanks!
  3. Hey everyone, So I've decided on 80k skates. My left foot is about a 12-12.5. But I am able to squeeze into and LOVE my new 80k skates. My left foot is a 10 - 10.5 max. 2-2.5 size different. I broke my growth plate as a kid. The total custom plus for the 80k is $1300 USD. The retail skate is only 699. I've always had the same size skate so I don't know the difference, but ... Do YOU think it's worth spending $600 more for the custom skate, almost double the price, to have a tighter fitting right skate on the size 10? I don't notice any sliding and could put foam or the power foot at the end of the smaller one. Thoughts? I have 90 days to decide and can return the retail oones....
  4. I haven't. It's about a 2.5 hour drive, but I want to do it asap. That's very true. I'm going to call ahead and have a 12 in stock to even just try on and pay the shipping if needed. Good stuff.
  5. Thanks! Interesting. Hmm. I guess the total custom plus is around 1300. 80k's are 699. I'm willing to spend the money to get the best fit to my feet and skating style/preference as possible, but I'm wondering what would be best for my freak feet (very large but almost 2 sizes different). The guy i talked to at pure hockey yesterday thinks I can now order two different size skates. Potentially an 11 on one and 12 on the other (if i can fit the bigger one in a 12, which there's a chance). Or if I'd be better going the full total custom plus. Hmm. May depend if i can squeeze into a 12 or not in the 80k...
  6. Interesting. Wonder how they "push off" to the sides compared to the 80k's. I never seem to get the same push as my old reebok 17k's in my jetspeeds. Maybe it will come down to who can make the proper boot for me True vs CCM
  7. Thanks! absolutely willing to spend and do whatever it takes. Good to know on the 306 that might let me be on two different sized boots. Interesting...
  8. I have two very different sized feet. I broke my growth plate when I was a kid. I have a left size 13 and a right 11 to 11.5 They don't even make size 13 retail anymore, but I've always just gone with the bigger size and had lot of room at the end of my smaller foot toe. Not sure how much this has affected my skating, but I've also only played about 6 years as an adult. Some back ground info (to help me choose which skate is best for me and dropping some serious $$) I learned how to skate on Reebok 17k's and am a big guy. 6'4" 245 lb ish. I didn't know it at the time but they were a VERY soft boot. Once they finally gave out I ended up with a top of the line or high model size 13 EE CCM jetspeed and HATED them for the longest time. They are just too still for me and or my ability level. I've had them about 2 years now and gotten used to the stiffness to an extent, but am a fairly upright skater with bad knees and have never felt as fast on them as the 17ks, especially on take off or in tight. I might be able to get away with a size 12 and meet in the middle of both feet. but if not i need to go full custom for size 13. It looks like the 80k will be more my style with the boot being a bit softer and more flexible than the others on the market, but I'm also considering true/VH. The true's are very stiff and a bit heavy. I'm pretty sold on the 80k's and they DO now offer a full custom order option. I'm open to whatever company can fit my weird feet needs, but also looking for any input or advice. I might be able to save money and go with a size 11 on my small foot and a 12 on the bigger (I guess when ordering you can now get two different size skates mailed to a pro shop). Or if I'd be better off with a full custom mold - but have been told having a different size blade holder/steel in general could feel weird or not be a good thing, similar to a car out of alighment with such a drastic foot size difference. 1.5 - 2 sizes. I'm also curious if the size 12 80k DOES indeed fit, it only comes in D and I've always had EE, but have read they have very thick moldable pads so maybe it would stretch. Help!
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