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  1. Both the tongue and holder are whichever comes standard, I didn't do any tweaking on the order form.
  2. Final review now that I’ve had a chance to skate on them. The scanning and ordering process was easily, took under 30 minutes. Production was insanely fast, just 9 days from order to pickup at Pure hockey in Anaheim. Disappointed in the pickup process. I had watched the videos and read the instructions, and had to correct the LHS employee a few times, and a few things I let go. I don’t want to blame some kid making $14/hour, that’s on true and pure hockey to make sure they have the right process in place if they’re going to sell high-end product. As others noticed, there is a small amount of eyelet damage because he cranked them pretty hard while they were soft. I left the store thinking they weren’t going to work out because the tongue was crushing my feet, forgetting that it was adjustable. The skate itself? My one complaint is that it isn’t very deep, when the reason I went custom was specifically because I need an exceptionally deep skate (without it being wide or long). I wanted to be able to put my foot all the way into the skate without having the top of my foot stick out, and these might even be a little shallower than retail supremes. But because of the moldability and adjustable tongue, the lack of depth isn’t causing any of the major issues I associate with shallow skates. The tongue feels like it is comfortably cupping my feet, not crushing them. I can’t get the laces through the eyelets once they’re on my feet, so I have to make sure they are all threaded then tighten them once my foot is in. I found it pretty difficult to get a grip on the laces for tightening today, which can be easily solved with one of those little metal tightener doohickeys that I have laying around somewhere. I went flopped today but I think next time I will try it tucked just to see if I like it better. Length and width are absolutely perfect. Once I made a few adjustments, I was able to get that “feels like a firm but comfortable sneaker” fit that other people talked about. But the ultimate test is how they feel on the ice. The answer: great. I had a little bit of calf pain because I’m a lazy, upright skater, especially when coasting around between drills on open ice. These skates will fight you if you try to be upright, they want to force you into a hockey stance. I had zero foot pain, which has never happened even in skates I was used to and had broken in. My old skates were giant boats that were way too wide for me, but they were the only skates I could wear that didn’t crush my feet from above. Left is old, right is new: https://imgur.com/a/F0kENmj This caused a lot of problems with edges and losing energy with each stride. Skating on them for the first time, I could immediately feel my edges better and push them way harder. I could carve my c-cuts better and stop more forcefully. I was getting more energy transfer through my foot, which made me noticeably faster going end to end and coming out of crossovers. I felt like I could glide forever without losing speed, but that’s probably the higher quality steel and the shallower cut that I read most people recommend for these skates (I went from 1/2 to 5/8). I still might adjust some things to try to get an even better fit. I wanna rebake them at home this weekend, with an ankle wrap, to see if i can’t get the heel lock from good to great. But that’s just tweaking. All in all, I got what I wanted out of the purchase and would recommend.
  3. The eyelets have definitely been pulled a little. Not enough to damage their integrity, but enough to convince me to never let the LHS guy near them while they’re soft again and any rebakes will be done at home.
  4. When I was fighting with retail skates, what ended up helping me a decent amount was bar lacing. It definitely buys some depth if you need it. It (along with thinnies, thinner insoles, breaking in the tongue, and all the other tricks) just wasn't enough because I have *really* weird feet.
  5. It's not that the red insoles helped the depth issue, it's that the depth issue feels irrelevant now that the tongue isn't pressing down on my foot right behind the toes. There's still not any depth, but the top of the skate feels like it's cupping my foot instead of pressing down on it. I assume it just feels better with the red insoles because that's how it was baked. The only thing I'm noticing from lack of depth right now is that it's physically impossible to get the laces through the eyelets once the skate is on. I have to make sure all the eyelets are threaded before I put my foot in, which isn't a huge deal. I can then tighten and loosen as needed.
  6. Wow, tongue adjustment helped a *lot*. I didn't know that was an option. Pulling the tongue way up so it's out of the toe box entirely, I'd say we're 85% of the way there in terms of fit. A rebake and some breaking in might get us the rest of the way. I might even want the red inserts back in. Edit: Put the red inserts back in, 95% of the way there. I think if I fiddle with the lacing a little more and rebake them, I might be very happy
  7. Laced extremely loosely, they're better. Not great, but better. I'm still getting some pressure on the top of the foot near the toes, which is causing some numbness and pain in the toes themselves. The length and width are definitely right. The heel lock is solid. I can probably manage to skate on them for a bit tomorrow to see how that feels, then take them in for a rebake where I won't let the worker crank them tight again. Definitely not the dream fit I was hoping for so far, but we might yet be able to get there with some work.
  8. OK, took out the red insole and the laces entirely. My feet are pressing against the bottom and my heel is locked in the proper position. I've still got a huge chunk of my foot sticking out above the eyelets: Comically failing the pencil test: Now I'll admit that I've never had skates that fit right so maybe I'm missing something, but that can't be right, can it?
  9. *deep sigh* At LHS. Skates get baked, a little tough to get on even with a shoehorn but that was expected. Laces tightened (harder than I would have liked, tbh, but lhs guy did it for me), immediately get a familiar feeling: my feet being crushed from the top. Within five minutes, my feet were throbbing and my toes were numb. These skates aren’t deep enough, which is the problem I always have in retail and was trying to fix with customs. They’re being sharpened now. I’m gonna take them home, try removing one of the two foot beds and lacing them more to my liking, see if that helps. I have a bad feeling I am in for a longer, more complicated fitting experience than I hoped.
  10. Fedex marked mine as "out for delivery" to the LHS today, exactly 9 days after I went in to order them and did my scans. The turnaround on this has been blazing fast.
  11. I just got shipment notification that they're on their way to my LHS. I did the fitting on Monday. Jesus that's a fast turnaround.
  12. I gave them my e-mail address through the LHS as part of the order form before we did the scan. As my order was filed in store, I was immediately getting e-mails from True Hockey. I got one titled "Order confirm" and one called "Request scan" immediately, then 20 minutes later after scanning I got one called "Inform scan status" to let me know they had received the scan. Each one had a link button inside the body of the e-mail that says "View Your Order." It takes me to a simple page that lists the order number, price, a couple of small details, and updates like "Sept. 16 - Added to Production Queue"
  13. Long-time lurker. Thanks to all the knowledgeable people on this forum who have taken the time to help the community. I'm an adult beginner who has been skating for a little over three years. I have a narrow, short foot, normal arch, but a freakishly high instep. I've always had trouble in regular shoes too. My LHS sized me into a 6.5 D Supremes the first time, and it was brutal. The length was right, the heel was right, but literally half my foot was sticking up above the eyelets. I crammed my feet into them and skating was excruciating . Finally I admitted to myself this wasn't normal new-skater foot pain, and tried again. I went with a Nexus in 6.5 D. Even that was a little shallow (still failing the pencil test pretty easily) for me but I could make it work with loose, bar lacing. It was too wide and I had almost no heel lock, though. Unhappy with my progress learning to skate, I started working with a skating coach recently and they strongly recommend I get new skates, said these aren't responding to my foot movements properly because of the extra space. I read a ton of the archives here, some of which I'd read the first time I was struggling with skate sizing. I got the impression that my specific foot type would be very hard to fit in retail. I went in to my LHS ready to give retail one more try but going into customs if I didn't find anything. As usual, half my foot sticks out of the medium-depth lines and my feet were swimming in the high-depth ones. So I got my foot scanned, ordered from True and am really hopeful this can help. Not expecting miracles overnight, but I'm hopeful I'll be able to feel a difference.
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