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  1. Just to let you guys know, I got the blades a week and a half ago and they are just a sight for sore eyes, Black Beauties! Thanks again for the help!!!!!
  2. It would be interesting to see the how the TI coating holds up against the DLC, I'm looking forward to seeing them reviewed together. For now though im going to stick whith what I know, but thanks for the info. thanks for all of your help, I am going to pull the trigger on this: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/STEP-STEEL-BLACKSTEEL-STEDGE-SIZE-280/383671802195?hash=item59549f1953:g:aicAAOSwktNfIM5Q after searching for 2 months this is the best price I could find. I'll let you know how it turns out!
  3. yeah thats what i though, but they are based in Canada so surly it should be ok. Or i could wait until they sell a few then view their Feedback, but there is a risk I might miss out. I have never bought from Ebay so i am on the fence.
  4. I like a lot of you know that STEP no longer makes Blades for the LS EDGE holder, but I have been seeing them pop up hear and there. mostly on Ebay ( with crazy mark ups). I just can't see myself wearing CCM skates but I Miss having STEP on my Bauers Dose anyone have any advice for Buying Hockey gear on Ebay? I found this add on Ebay and they have the best price I have seen since STEP stopped producing the blades. (and it's in canadain dollars so it is under the regular retail for the US) https://www.ebay.ca/itm/STEP-STEEL-BLACKSTEEL-STEDGE-272-multiple-sizes-available/383654131552?hash=item5953917760:g:aicAAOSwktNfIM5Q What are your thoughts? should I pull the trigger ( no pun intended) or would it be best to try and source a pair at a hockey shop? Thanks, Jordan
  5. If you head to the STEP BLADES instagram, there is a comment on the announcement from STEP that reads ' We are still fabricating the same range of blades as before, with the exception of the Bauer LIGHTSPEED EDGE and VERTEXX EDGE holder.' i think at least for the short term they will continue manufacturing as usual. )instagram, there is a comment on the announcment from STEP that reads '
  6. what are your thoughts? https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/ccm-hockey-acquires-step-skating-blades-1028868912
  7. Classic Bauer, it seems like you are paying more for worse quality with Bauer these days (In skates atleast) it will be interesting to see how the reviews of the Nexus are after a few months use. who knows it could be a game changer.
  8. it takes two willing parties to make an agreement. I'm just speculating, but from the way Bauer sells it wholesale products to stores it makes you wonder if they just wanted to take the whole market for themselves. I wont be suprised if Tydan and Byonic are sued next. But lets keep this page open for STEP product questions like JR Boucicaut said.
  9. I feel like if STEP had no choice as a Lawsuit like this would ruin them finacially even if they won.
  10. How do you know that they weren't compensated by STEP? there is most likley more to the story, no? -(I'll take future questions to the other forum, I just didn't like this hanging in there unresponded). Question for STEP: What is your size range for the CCM SPEEDBLADE XS in Blacksteel? do you have make size 215 in Blacksteel? Thanks, Jordan,
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