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  1. Yesterday for warmups i tried the p28 with 4 inches less so that the heel part of the blade lies flat on the ice when i stand up with a relaxed arm. But oh man it does feel akward using it coming from the long length. While i bend quite a good amount over for my stride i guess the long stick taught me the behavior of making moves more in an upright fashion.
  2. Okay today in practice I noticed what flip12 said. The nice and flat sauces where released before the toe hook. Guess i just need to get the mechanics down for using the blade correctly. I noticed on my Clappers when I stroke them well they have a tendency to miss to the left uphigh over the net as a righty. Should I also try to release it earlier on the blade or is the wrist motion at fault? Around what height have the other p28 users cut the stick?
  3. Thanks flip12, some great tipps there, definitely will try it out later. P28 seems to be even more versatile than i thought. Reading the other suggestions I think I am sticking with the p28 for now and change some small parts about the stick length and my blade usage. It seems to be the closest to what I want on retail level and i am still not using every aspect of it correctly. Might be also giving similar curves like the p90t a try if I get a chance to get my hands on that curve. Wouldn't be the old Shanahan (Kane's pro Stock Curve) also be pretty close to my discription and similar playing to the p28? Or does it play completly different? Is the Ville Leino SE16 you got a pro stock curve?
  4. Availability is even more of a problem with the p106 though.
  5. Got an old w03 lying around heard it is more like a p19 then a p92 but might give give it a shot aswell. Shortening up the stick corresponds with cavemans answers. I will try out a shorter stick next time.
  6. Hi Guys, i am currently searching advice on optimizing my curve to my preferences and playstyle. And you guys seemed quite knowledgeable on these topics to me. So, I mostly play center and would characterise myself as a gritty playmaker. Meaning often times I find myself winning a battle at the boards or making a couple of dekes to beat my opposition and then drawing other opponents on to me which opens up nice passing options. Currently i am using a p28 which i like for the nice pocket and its deking potential, aswell as the toe shooting. But my feeling is, that this isn't the strongest passing blade since i am strugling with nice consistent saucer passes. Since i am pretty tall I like to play with a long stick which helps with intercepting passes in the neutral zone and shielding the puck away from the opposition. Therefore i need a long blade with a lower lie. I am not really a good finisher so my shot isn't really my greatest weapon. Still sometimes i get a really solid shot away. Most of the times it's a wrister because of the time and space you get but my slapshot on possible one timers is the more threatening weapon. Where i get the feeling that the p28 might not be the most benefitial. But around 60-70% of my goals come from in close when I have beaten a defender to the net or from my net front presence. Summary: -pass first center -pocket for deking prefered -long blade for intercepting passes -lower lie (~ 5) -open face for the roofing capability Thanks for your suggestions in advance!
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