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  1. Hi, I want to share my experiences with True VH custom skates as it might help other people. First of all, thanks for all the comments in the thread. Without them I could not have got the best out of the skates. So shortly the story goes like this: I got the skates, they baked them without shrink wrap. I had heel slip and the skates were quite loose. We tried to rebake them with LHS with shrink wrap and ratchet clamp but no help. I was about to give up but in one video Scott recommended adding more insoles if the skate was loose - so as I really disliked the "spongy" original insoles, I innovated and cut 1mm "technical insole" to increase height. I made it out from plastic chopping board and it was easy to cut with normal scissors. I drilled holes to help with moisture and friction (dunno if it helps...). The result = Night and day, there was zero heel slip and otherwise the skates feel now snug and there is no need to extra tighten the laces as other people have noticed. Image here: https://imgur.com/a/rVxBCNT Another interesting thing with these is that choosing insole is quite difficult as I have very high arc. The skates seem to have some arch built in which mean that if you put custom insoles matched to your feet the skate + insole seem to result to too high arc - so one needs to just try something out and hope for the best. In the end the best result came with CCM Orthomove with adjustable insoles. I tested also footbalance custom and Bauer Speedplates. With bauer there is not really any arc for high archers so they were disappointment. I tried also to make big arc manually with hands before putting them to skate but still CCM was better. Also CCM seem to have forward pitch built in to the insole which works well. So to summarize, lessons learned: If you have too loose skates or heel slip problems, try adding more insoles which can do miracles - and you can make plastic ones from chopping board or plastic canisters etc. In order to have more snug fit, one can bake them with very thin sock or without socks When baking, in addition to shrink wrap, you can use elastic bandage over instep as you cant really get shrink wrap through skate holders For high arc, CCM Orthomove is worth trying as you can customize arc height a bit If you have Bauer Speed Plates and high arc, try creating arc just with your fingers on the floor after heating For me, Prosharp Quad 0.5 profile seems to work the best. Will still try 1 degree forward pitch as well.
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